BBQ Sorcerer
H.P.   Queensland, Australia
I have a crippling addiction to oak.
Only fags kiss girls, right?
"What is the Lynx Effect?" - Southen 2k17

A spy of great detective fame
One day thought he'd win a game
Of wits and brains, he was quite skilled
At finding out why they were killed
A single clue, tension was rife
Detective spy had found a knife
It looked familiar, he could tell
He thought he knew this weapon well
"Mon dieu!" he shouted, "Could this be?"
"The murderer all along...was me!"
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ToBolQa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dec 12 @ 10:23am 
BBQ Sorcerer Nov 28 @ 3:34pm 
Oh that's hot.
Sometimes I like to drink acid while taking a bath
BBQ Sorcerer Nov 11 @ 11:54pm 
Damn, I only really wanted it for the headshot kills part to be honest man, thanks for offer though, very considerate of you. Have a good one :)
Ena Leoxidor Nov 11 @ 10:22pm 
Um.. I'm really sorry someone offered me sooner than you so
Do you want the other Sniper rifle?
BBQ Sorcerer Nov 10 @ 4:32am 
how dare you.