_Sitzkrieg   Attiki, Greece

Australia seriously had a war on emu's [en.wikipedia.org]

I have an undying addiction for ramen

I blazed up his pretty garden
At school I kicked his ass
I torched dogshit on his doorstep
I bleached FUCK YOU! in his grass

I broke all his windows
I Toilet Papered his yard
I gave his name to Jehovah's Witnesses
I put chickens in his car.

I did everything i could to hum
What a saucy devil am I!
But one thing I can't do
Is remember the hell why...

https://gyazo.com/454410cbf44bd4b615c0d2030fd127cf 10/17/2016, cyarin liked my post

10/14/16 7:26 PM EST - R.I.P Lui

10/26/2016 - I unboxed my first unusual on TF2, the Disco Fever (Spy taunt)

RIP Overheal (Kykuru), one of my first steam friends
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Accounts with a level lower than 5.
Private profiles.
Egotists of any sort.
VAC banned profiles.
People below the age of 16.
People who can't speak English. (Broken english is accepted)
Hippie faggots. (Go die)



You must have a Steam profile above level 5
No lowballs or begging
If I'm downgrading a higher tier item, then you overpay by at least 30%.
I wont give free items unless i have duplicates.
I scrap bank.
Any downgrade (for me) requires >15% overpay.
Some items are not for sale or trade.
Any Steam community item is up for bulk trades.
Buds are worthless to me, don't bother.
I will accept coupons, but only if its for a game in my wishlist.
I won't accept items from games I don't own.
I'm only accepting factory new skins for csgo items. (excluding knives)
If you don't understand trading then dont make offers.
I sometimes give away the duplicate weapons i have for TF2.


I usually play games that require communication and teamwork
I usually play support/defense roles in games, but usually I'll be a healer.
I'll never accept group invites
If you have any issues related to computers then I could probably help.

Battle.net ID = Sitzkrieg#1955

Mostly a Mercy main.
I sometimes play Hearthstone.

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little WHAT Jun 25 @ 12:07pm 
carry me out of silver
_Sitzkrieg Jun 18 @ 2:26pm 
why are you spamming my wall
ᴱˡ ᵇᵃˢᵗᵃʳᵈᵒ Jun 17 @ 11:07am 
just shut the fuck up im in canada
well the speed hacker has no friends ;(
More like naked and afraid
fine but if you want i can get on today around 16:30 -6 timezone, then you can see if im a speed hacker.