edgy person
“i just want you all to notice me, and people to see
that somewhere deep down there’s a decent human being in me
it just cant be found”

-slim shady

More about me:

Borneo: *pulls out gun* Say aye again, say aye again, I dare ya, I dare ya, I double dare ya motherfucker, say aye one more goddamn time.
Haze: aye

DR.EXP1OS1VEZZ : he is so tryhard
DR.EXP1OS1VEZZ : H4aze is tryhard

"haze is inconsistent, sometimes he hits insane stickies, sometimes he doesnt do shit" -z y

M. : I hate the fucking pyro (me)

*DEAD* stick. : fucking scout .(also me)

AFloatingGhost : hell, the enemy scout is basically an edgy tryhard (you can tell the stereotype by his hat) (<- these brackets weren’t me, who actually does that??)

Threats of Romance: idc about getting rekt but ppl with your personality can ruin my day
Threats of Romance: do the world a favor and kill yourself

*DEAD* rain | cs.money : bodyshot?
*DEAD* rain | cs.money : i didnt know ur that bad

Joe : hate that haze guy

❤MrCat :3❤ : haze is a fucking tryhard

✪ Migoll | Dead Inside : haze be like : sticky spam is lyf <3

Celly🐟 : nah u play so well

Smert H4ze:
zysf: you up for a midnight mix later?
h4z3: Aye, what time?

"h4ze come right" *instantly jumps left*
"h4ze push saw with me” *instantly jumps kitchen*

Personal achivements(aka bragging about lame stuff)

accidental 360 market garden X2

triple kill with caber http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557033855

taunt kill with sandman after stunning from across the map http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198133052510/screenshot/394424973996358229

accidentally airshot a fully invis spy after bumping him and shooting a rocket at the ground

22 killstreak as edgy ghost in not team fortress 2

17 triple airshots (mostly in mge, one with beggars in regen arena. none in competetive) TRIPLE BACKCAP WITH ZSYSF

1 awful quad airshot

market gardening a soldier and airshotting him before he lands

airshot charging demo

not gold
phl4rie: i notice i am not featured in your profile
H4ze: k i poot
phl4rie: wait
phl4rie: not that
phl4rie: that aint gold

EXTRA SMERT REVENS (and other random crap)

hΛzƎ: i am the dark even though its daytime
hΛzƎ: i am the night
hΛzƎ: i am
hΛzƎ: flying echolocating mammal man
Hemstar: i read flying educational man

H4ze got 2 points [airshot pipebomb]
rave: isnt that the guy who plays sherlock holmes?

*DEAD* Gandhi : you fucking birdman
H4ze : you fucking manman
Barbun : man man

Hemstar: Kay
Hemstar: Back to afk
H4ze: How are u high
H4ze: Its not even late
Hemstar: I'm high in the day
Hemstar: Higher in the dayer
H4ze: Highest in the nightest
Hemstar: So good meme

Hemstar: Ooo
Hemstar: You noe
Hemstar: High Noon
Hemstar: Is when it's 12nn
Hemstar: So
Hemstar: Higher Noon
Hemstar: Is when your minute and hour hands are longer than the clock

Mytrle: wait ive seen
Mytrle: khil play alot of khil
Mytrle: I MEAN PUG

Boosted E Girl : i cant compete with the fucking pipe god wtf is up with u did u go to tafe to learn plumbing???

rave: On Tuesday I have chemistry test after math test
Hemstar: Isnt it Tuesday today
rave: The fk is the difference between Tuesday and Tuesday anyways

rave: is copper better than copper?

"Im gonna jump and then you’re gonna jump at the same time and airshot me" -Hemstar as he jumps while i jump at the same time and airshot him

Hemstar: Baboon
Hemstar: Kidnap the moon
Hemstar: Too lure the moon
Hemstar: Lord out of noon

professional callouts
"Someone's hurt"
"Someone's down" -Haze

"Shit or kritz?"
"Medic took ayghddhcfd"
"Someone went somewhere" -Rave
Currently In-Game
Smert reven compilation
And other random crap

"i want to be a chicken so i get to run around and wake people up without giving a crap"
"Is facepalm putting your face to your palm or your palm to your hand?"
"how can you hear so hard?"
"baboons! i'll slap hippopotomi covered in cacti into you"
"your mental wellness, SUCKS. GET GOOD"
"boom goes the boom"
"how do i kill myself without dying?" -Hemstar

"what in the world is soysauce? oh its soysauce i get it" -zysf

“Because cheaters never win, winners actually win”
"I hear hearing sounds" -Rave

"Got Steam?" -Steam

Rave: 💀dragonice💀 : so easy
*DEAD* 💀dragonice💀 : and hard
Rave: if only i collect these stupid stuff


Ravɘ has changed their name to I LOVE PIZZA.
I LOVE PIZZA: do u like piza
HΛzɘ: yes i like piza
I LOVE PIZZA: or love
I LOVE PIZZA: whatever
I LOVE PIZZA has changed their name to I HATE PIZZA

H4ze has changed their name to h4ze.
h4ze: capital letters are for skrubs

*equips razorback*
rave: "ok im using the darwins back shield"

Rave: how tf do u do this?
Rave: is it ctap?
h4z3: its a speedshot
Rave: waw
Rave: you didnt tell me
h4z3: nobody told me
Rave why should i tell you?

Neozep: should i put on large
Neozep: and expert
Neozep: or small and normal
Raven: sure
Neozep: AND USAY
Neozep: SURE
Raven: LOL
Raven: wow ok

ravɘ: ascend as in goin down

R4ve: what
R4ve: i was watching peoples putting egg in ice tray
skong: finest entertainment for a sophisticated man

rave: oh yea i can be i heal and you should be i kill
rave has changed their name to I HEAL.
h4z3 has changed their name to I KEAL.
I KEAL: why dont you be I HIIL
I HEAL: no thats stupid
I HEAL: and you spelled it wrong
I HEAL: hill
I HEAL: its a mountain brother

raven : helen go solly
Hemstar : Do you need medic
Hemstar : No rite :D
raven : i need pockit
raven : helen go medic
raven : i mean pyro
raven : SOLDIER

Joe suicided.
*DEAD* Joe : did i
*DEAD* Joe : just walk into a hole

raven: Megu: Whats haze gonna do?
raven: Megu: Nvm I ask him

Megu: Hazeeee my man
HΛzΞmΛT: what am i gonna do?
HΛzΞmΛT: i dont know
Megu: Whut
Megu: Whut the XD

h4z3: TF2X100
h4z3: HEY
rave: OH
rave: i thought tf2x100 was somesort of fking
rave: spec
rave: computer spec
rave: new intel i9 with new TF2X100

[Op]Harry : dude
[Op]Harry : i want to throw this computer
[Op]Harry : across the room
Hemstar : Give it to me D:

TECHnetium : fk this
Hemstar : Donate your com too? :D

H4ze: "downloading materials freak_fortress_2/counter_striker”
H4ze: i feel bad for my laptop now
Hemstar: counter_striker
Hemstar: That extra r makes such a difference
H4ze: he not FROM counter strike
H4ze: he IS counter strike
Hemstar: LOL
Hemstar: HAHA
H4ze: i just realized thats worthy of my compilation

H4ze: how u make loom?
rave: silk
H4ze: U
rave: what
rave: xd

mMytrle: the most idiocratic thing ive seen
mMytrle: soldier
mMytrle: with the black box
mMytrle: the concheror
rave | trade.tf: and you

h4z3: im gonna be a normal human being
h4z3: and make shift crouch
rave: My crotch is ctrl
rave: Dam autocorrect
rave: It corrected croxh to crouch but not croucg to crouch

Hemstar : I think he plays at gh4stly alot
HudHuddaHu : who?
Hemstar : jetty
ravenoob : i dont play jetty
ravenoob : full everytime
zw : WHAT
zw : LOL

Ravɘ: u can get like
Ravɘ: 1 unusual for free
Ravɘ: but u gotta pay

raven: whats that
raven: engie rancho relaxo taunt name again

Mr. P[R]ingles : we are playing against a 3k hours played player
L4GG0D (mytrle): with you you have a guy that has 5k
Mr. P[R]ingles : it doesnt seem so

Ravɘ: Cant trade for 2 weeks
HΛzɘ: o ye
Ravɘ: No banana
Ravɘ: Fking
HΛzɘ: no bandage for u
Ravɘ: Y no bandanna in the word suggestion
Ravɘ: I had to type myself
Ravɘ: I dont use autocorrect, i find word suggestion fatter
Ravɘ: K

H4ze: "im gonna leave and rejoin with a different username"
H4ze: R4ve has changed their name to H4ve.
H4ze: nobody will suspect
zysf: lmao
zysf: idiot i swear HAHAHAHAHAA
zysf: totally different person HAHAHAA

HΛzɘ: womens
HΛzɘ: womens
Single Womens in your area: lmao
HΛzɘ: womenS
Single Womens in your area: ????
Single Womens in your area: WAT
Single Womens in your area: DID I TYPO
HΛzɘ: woman = 1 women = more than 1
HΛzɘ: womens = ????
Single Womens in your area has changed their name to Single Women in your area.

raven: u go edit group
raven: i cant do shiet
raven: i make the group image
HΛze: y u mek group imagine
raven: aha
raven: i infected u

raven: ill go mge later tonight
zw: wat
zw: wat do u mean by mge
raven: OH SHIT
raven: I MEANT MVM
zw: lol

R4ve: inb4 the update comes during mge
R4ve: i mean mvm
R4ve: not this again

*in mvm*
rave: "what is my killstreak? oh 137 wait thats the timer not my killstreak"
*later in mvm*
rave: "revenge madafaka"
H4ze: "how do you know which one killed you?"
rave: "i kill... his family"

HΛzΞmΛT: "Aimless Arsonists Essentials"
HΛzΞmΛT: wat do ye think
Ravɘ: wat for
HΛzΞmΛT: phlog
Ravɘ: waste of money
Ravɘ: y do dis
HΛzΞmΛT: because
HΛzΞmΛT: wm1
Ravɘ: coulda just given me free items :v
HΛzΞmΛT: so wat do u think of the name
Ravɘ: good
Ravɘ: item wise
Ravɘ: no
HΛzΞmΛT has changed their name to Λimless Λrsonists Ξssentials.

rave: i played tf2 using my friends pc n internet
rave: 300 ping on high quality

raven: ill use my money for headset instead
raven: n mouse
raven: n tf2 prem
HΛzΞmΛT: Y u need tf2 prem
raven: i mean unu
raven: I MEAN
raven: idiot brain
raven: i mean prem steam

-=ΞHΛzᴇΞ=-: wtf is with 555
-=ΞHΛzᴇΞ=-: wats dat
ravᴇ: i dont know
ravᴇ: why ask
-=ΞHΛzᴇΞ=-: when u can google
-=ΞHΛzᴇΞ=-: 5's mean that you are going through a positive change. The more times you see this number, the more this message is emphasized. Therefore, 555 is a triple number, so it's 5 triply emphasized. 555 means you're going through a major life change.
ravᴇ: eh
ravᴇ: 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
ravᴇ: i can feel it already
ravᴇ: i am becoming god

ravᴇ: eh finally u have a good taste of
ravᴇ: comedy?
ravᴇ: joke?
ravᴇ: AH
ravᴇ: SENSE
ravᴇ: OF
ravᴇ: HUMOR
ravᴇ: YES
ravᴇ: k

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