Scalar Weapons on the rise from the ashes of Tesla, rebirth of a new king! Arise Pleiadians! Divinity within the encounters of the Dracos!
4/5 of my hours in css and csgo from bhop trade link.
💖 the secret lies within antarctica

more dumb runs coming up jk i aint got no resolve.

SILVER IN H1Z1: I told my ex I'd bang u and she got rlly pissed
SILVER IN H1Z1: Thanks a lot douche bag

laguna115: i think gucci is the closet thing to a living god
laguna115: i ejacuated in korean prositutes this weekend
Aphex!: lmao

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/a/ sings nichijou (Nichijou OP)
/a/ sings Darker than black

Dark priests - these people believe that beauty emerges from contrast. Evil is necessary for good kind of thing. They are not necessarily pro-evil, but pro-contrast.

Kings - generally less intelligent than dark priests. Much of their code of behavior derives from a belief in the past that you need a slave class to sustain an enlightened class.

Meritocracy - they believe in something similar to democratic rule, but only with votes for the initiated, because the masses are hopeless.

? - we're more interested in the emperor without clothes effect. The exercise of power has always come with a stifling of dissent and dangerous dips into psychosis. We try to undermine this tendency more than anything else.

Book Recomendations:


1.) The Kybalion
2.) The Arcane Teachings
3.) The Arcane Formulas ( Will and Awareness tl;dr)
4.) The Science of Breath (tl;dr do complete breaths)
5.) Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic
6.) Psychomancy
7.) Mental Influence

1.) Intitation into Hermetics
2.) Magical Use of Thought Forms
3.) Chasing Phantoms to get thought form ideas

Don't spend time messing with gnostic ( stellar man, montalk)
Psychological stuff (ROBERT ANTON WILSON)
Chaos Magick ( /pol/ tier)
Cryptic Stuff (kek aleister crowley)

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I got a halo
I level up every time God say so
shooters on payroll
lookin' like Pancho, lookin' like Pedro
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machine girl
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yes good job my man
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at least get 1xp off of 200 smh
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good album