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Short Showcase of my newest gamemode MWG

--[Call Of Duty MWG]--

MWG is a new gamemode currently being developed by Zombie, with the looks and feel of the classic MW2 recreated in Garry's Mod this gamemode is bound to bring back some timeless memories, like wrecking your friends while a 12 year old screams down the mic... Except without the 12 year old kid.


--[Zombie Apocalypse and Build]--

My Awesome Zombie Sandbox server with custom content ;)

- I am 'recreating' the M9k base without any bugs/glitches + added features ( grenade launcher, clipdrop options ) [M9k-Z Base]
+ current features are listed in my BMS pack in the description
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This is a pack of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weapons, coded by me on the M9k-Z base

You can find our Stalker Pack for Npc's Here !


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SaNdErS Sep 24 @ 10:06pm 
ok umm can i add you to talk to you so i can fix this? and i have this issue when trying to use rapid fire:

File exists in two addons - possible conflicts! lua/autorun/server/sv_ewa.lua (Equipped Weapon Addon and Customizable Weaponry 2.0 Rev75)

[ERROR] lua/weapons/cw_base/sh_bullets.lua:53: attempt to index a nil value
1. FireBullet - lua/weapons/cw_base/sh_bullets.lua:53
2. PrimaryAttack - lua/weapons/cw_base/shared.lua:1553
3. fn - lua/autorun/server/sv_ewa.lua:554
4. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109
SaNdErS Sep 13 @ 3:13pm 
well like what? cause i tested them all so idk
@[ LUMOS ]☆☆SANDERS☆☆: Still works, both TFA and CO2.0, just tested. Maybe some conflicting addon on your end.
@[ LUMOS ]☆☆SANDERS☆☆: I'll take a look at it right away.
SaNdErS Sep 7 @ 4:19am 
hey man sorry i dont mean to bug you but there is an issue that should be looked at soon your addon Equipped Weapon Addon doesnt effect ANY cw weapon recoil spread or even the unlimeted ammo with reloading doesnt work right wither any idea why?
DJv Sep 5 @ 10:17am 
Wanna talk about MWG