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The 4th of September 2013 [FC]Wolf & I created the SWBFSpy.org MS. Masaq decided before then that OpenSpy project would come to an end during early 2013, and I reached him to request him to give us (SWBFModders) the MS, and so he did.
I used the original files to create the SWBFSpy patch, including support for other languages, versions, platforms, and leaderboards. [FC]Phil from Germany sent his file, and I uploaded it alongside the others.

A few years even before that I started with the role of Community Administrator, and recently I created a department called SWBFSpy Organization, which was focused on activity boost, providing help to get SWBFSpy installed, etc...
With a team of Platform Game Ambassadors and Community Organization, we provided support to all the clients, as well creating unique experiences for them, trying to provide the best expertise look to future clients.

The community suffered many setbacks, dealing with undesirable trolls, who wouldn't seek anything but chaos and plagiarism, attacking us and trying to steal everything we worked to build. However we stopped paying attention to them, since our main goal is to actually provide the community a real, efficient and better alternative to LAN Tools or fake ripoffs of our MS, in addition to better alternatives to SWBF Modding Tools, and the very best mods possible for SWBF players.

You will also be able to find out how much of a selfish cowardly and disrespectful poser the people I am talking about are, by claiming to be the admin of something they aren't involved in, and being in denial of my SWBF world champion status due to severe jealousy of losing to me in 2014. Humility and honesty are both words they will not understand ;)

If they weren't such scared cowards they would actually challenge me to the title -- not try to block me out of their fake servers (which are just hijacked copies of my server mods) to hide behind their lies and pretend illusions that they're better than me, even though I've beaten them over and over. Nobody has had the courage to face me in a world title match duel in over 3 years. Nobody can prove they're better than me by hiding and only letting noobs play in a fake server using hijacked copies of my mods -- it requires dueling me, which they know they can't win, so they won't even try lol

I've also proven how I'm also the best modder in the history of SWBF since 2010. Nobody who respects my contributions has any doubt of these facts, and those who pretend otherwise are irrelevant to the SWBF community. All hostilites are banned from our community and servers.

The 31st of October 2017 I started as Knowledge Manager & SWBFSpy Organization, leading the two departments. A role I had been working on for a long time, and today, 1st of January, I've added the role Operations Manager to SWBFSpy, which is my position of all operational management of the MS. A dream come true, along with many others, thanks to the support of SWBFModders. The other SWBFSpy manager, [FC]Wolf, is inactive, so I run the entire SWBFSpy project now. We are looking for new ideas and challenges to improve the SWBFSpy community.

As of January 17th, I've become the CEO of SWBFSpy. I also started the SWBFSpy Board of Directors.

People may contact me (the SWBF Community Administrator) here: ZombieDeathMob@Steam or https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=emailuser;sa=email;uid=1

- SWBFSpy Founder, Community Administrator+Ambassador+Leader, Knowledge Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Technical Director, Chief Executive Officer, SWBFSpy Organization
- SWBFSpy.org Manager
- SWBFModders.com Community Administrator
- SWBF Community Leader & SWBF World Champion & SWBF Pindar
- Illuminated Archmaester Modder & ZeroSpace Adept Architect
- [FC] Clan Leader & http://FCBF.tk Admin
- =|·InViS·|= Founder & Team Leader
- SWBF 1 & 2 (Community YouTube & EvolveHQ) Moderator
- Contact: ZombieDeathMob @ Steam
- Baron Zaraguin - Loa Power
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