SɱokEy #Offline 4a few days
Smoking is Injurious to Health
Will be Away for a few days
IF ur adding me related to trading (Items that Im Selling / BOT Issue/Trading with Bot) Im sorry i'll not b able to respond as i'll be AFK
Will be back in a few days till then Adios

Click to see Something Cool :)

Always Leave a Comment if You are adding me

Scammers Can Fuck off Mess with me and end up like this
Oops 1 [backpack.tf]
Oops 2 [backpack.tf]
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Only The Nebula is For Sale - 255 keys or more in unusuals
The Rest are Just a Part of itemShowcase
oh and if u want the Shell Shocker Make sure u have 200 pure :)

Selling TF2 Keys/Items for Cash

Payment Options [.]

- Paytm <-- Prefer This more

140 INR per key
5.5 INR per ref
[1.8 INR per rec and 0.6 INR per scrap ] LoL just kidding who would buy like this ha xD

I can Sell any item on my bots or my account via paytm

- Steam Wallet Code

02 keys for 05 $ (2.50 $ per key)

Selling Steam Wallet Code for Keys

100 INR Steam Wallet Code 20 ref
250 INR Steam Wallet Code 2 keys
5$ Steam Wallet Code 2 keys 15 ref
10$ Steam Wallet Code 5 keys 5 ref
~Values may Change Based on Key Prices on Bp.tf


You Will Go First Unless You Have a Decent Amount of Cash/Trust Rep on bp.tf
-- I will Go First if u have a Ton of Rep
I can refuse a deal if I feel you are shady

My bp.tf Trust [backpack.tf]

Yo Hey There !
Here To Trade ?

Trade offers Here

Im Selling and Buying these [backpack.tf]
Check out My Backpack [backpack.tf]

»🍁« SɱokE'z ~ BOT's

I Have 2 Running Bots Just for You :) [.]

»🍁« SɱokE'z ~ BOT 1 [ϟ] ~ Taunts , Cosmetics and some Strange Weapons

BoT 1's Listings [backpack.tf]
BoT 1's Backpack [backpack.tf]
BoT 1's Trade URL

»🍁« SɱokE'z ~ BOT 2 [ϟ] ~ Stranges and Killstreak Weapons Only

BoT 2's Listings [backpack.tf]
BoT 2's Backpack [backpack.tf]
BoT 2's Trade URL

Unusuals Owned

Disco Beat Down Tam O' Shanter [backpack.tf] ~ 4-4-2016
Kill-a-Watt Hard Counter [backpack.tf] ~ 15-5-2016
Terror-Watt Bot Dogger [backpack.tf] ~ 20-6-2016
Memory Leak Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) [backpack.tf] ~ 30-7-2016
Voltaic Hat Protector Universal Translator [backpack.tf] ~ 3-8-2016
Aces High Kiss King [backpack.tf] ~ 14-8-2016
Roboactive Janissary Ketche [backpack.tf] ~ 16-8-2016
Starstorm Insomnia Lil' Bitey [backpack.tf] ~ 13-1-2017
Haunted Ghosts Elf Esteem [backpack.tf] ~ 20-1-2017
Infernal Smoke Skullcracker [backpack.tf] ~ 30-1-2017
Disco Beat Down Stainless Pot [backpack.tf] ~ 13-2-2017
Isotope Pro KS Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher (Well-Worn) [backpack.tf] ~ 14-2-2017
Burning Flames Specialized Killstreak Stainless Pot [backpack.tf] ~ 14-2-2017
Green Energy Human Cannonball [backpack.tf] ~ 27-2-2017
Strange Starstorm Slumber Specialized Killstreak Vintage Tyrolean [backpack.tf] ~ 12-3-2017
Purple Energy Reggaelator [backpack.tf] ~ 12-3-2017
Showstopper Flippin' Awesome [backpack.tf] ~ 15-3-2017
Vivid Plasma Wraith Wrap [backpack.tf] ~ 21-3-2017
Orbiting Fire Buckaroos Hat [backpack.tf] ~ 21-3-2017
Purple Confetti Timeless Topper [backpack.tf] ~ 21-3-2017
Vivid Plasma Little Buddy [backpack.tf] ~ 21-3-2017
NEBULA Phononaut [backpack.tf] ~ 23-3-2017

I am Buying Backpacks up to 120 Keys Value

Add Me to Discuss Leave a Comment 1st [.]

Buying Small BackPacks Up to 120 Keys Value [.]

Buying Backpacks at 60-70% of its total price based on the Items
Not Paying Extra For Paint Added
Will pay 15% more for some of the Parts Added

- Dominations
- GibKills
- Airborne Enemy Kills
- Allied Healing Done
- HeadShot Kills

--> Pleae Note <-- [.]
I do not pay extra for these parts induvidually, I only add the extrafrom the total for the items base price

BackPacks Bought - 29 [.]

Scrap to Unusual is Possible

10$ is all i spent in TF2
5$ to buy my 1st 2 keys and
My Backpack on 12-3-2016 [backpack.tf] ~ Bought my 1st 2 Keys

5$ to buy my 1st 4 mvm tickets ! :D
My Backpack on 27-4-2016 [backpack.tf] ~ Got a 8 Key Fab from mvm sold for 6 keys
These where my Investment in Trading :)

My Backpack Today :D [backpack.tf]
Everything I have today is just pure Trade Profit ha :D

100 Gems For 1 ref
2 Trading Cards for 1 Scrap ~ (Will pay more Based on the game)
Profile Backgrounds for 3ref - 1 key (Price will change Based on game and Background)

Buying 15 sets for 1 TF 2 key
If u just have a bunch of cards Just add me I will give u an offer based on the cards u have
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Added to trade for the bigg mann on campus :]
2mlg4you Apr 23 @ 5:46pm 
Hey dude, sorry to tell you that we rejected your application form to join our team (93GM'S) we came to the conclusion that you would slow us down. best of luck
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Added to discuss trade.
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+rep nice trader
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yes the all father thing i trade with u?