Lucas Olai   Fyn, Denmark
Hello and welcome to my profile!

If your profile is private and I don't recognize your name, I won't accept your friend requests, so please refrain from sending them.
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Grand Theft Auto V

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JonnyGeek 11 set, ore 4:15 
Nice guy !
hjallese 12 giu, ore 10:56 
DucksyG FLASHYFLASHY.COM 6 giu, ore 3:39 
Er du interesseret i en næsten blue gem flip knife, den mangler kun spidsen, behøver kun overay på 10 dollars da patternet er på backside
iHALAMADRID! 15 gen, ore 4:11 
+rep, so kind and understanding
shoolickr19 17 nov 2016, ore 12:07 
-rep scammed me master gunner 1 because he sucks so much at the game get on my level on cache
iRaZe 15 giu 2015, ore 8:40 
+rep,nice trader i recomend ;)