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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gY1AHjq1y8 Best song ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TByiofHaEKk BeeBee be Beee
I have 56 games, not 27

Check out I Liek MudKipz <3 ! He is an amazing sfm creator and he will make you a great profile picture / poster for only 3 ref :D

http://prntscr.com/cbpz11 PyroJoe added me, the dream

Times i got kicked for cheating (TF2): 78 (I DONT CHEAT FFS)
It has not happened in the last few weeks because i SUCK AT THE DAMN GAME :D

Funny chat:
Deadpool : Lol,hard because u use hack
Zeus_Junior : nope
Zeus_Junior : i dont hack
Deadpool : yes u are
Zeus_Junior : no i'm not
Deadpool : fuck off
Player Deadpool left the game (Disconnect by user.)
Zeus_Junior : lmao

Ignore everything down here. These links are just there so i dont lose them :P
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Send me a trade offer here. Just click on this white text omg dats racist

I'm open to all offers :) Items, Pure, Unusuals, Aussies DONT BE SCARED TO OFFER!!!

Donations that helped me get back my 156 keys that i got scammed out of.
Top donator! (2.4 keys)
Alex Spec Ks Strange Sandman + Ks Strange Crusaders Crossbow + Strange Knife + 2 cs:go skins + 2 emoticons + 1 background + 1 trading card

I'm sorry if you were on this list and i deleted it. I accidentally removed this showcase and everything was gone. Contact me if you wish to be re-added to the list of donations.
Zeus - About me :3
List of Dream unusuals
Scorching Flames Salty Dog
Disco Beat Down Cotton Head

Finished Jump Maps.
Started this list on 08-12-2016
Jump_Beef - 12 minutes
Jump_Annex_v2 - 16 minutes (beginners course)
Jump_Jurf_a2 - 37 minutes (Not including the bonus jump.) I cant believe i beat that map ._.

Groups i own (with/without a friend)
★Raffles★ & ❤Giveaways❤
L&Bs Highend Raffles
Groups i can moderate in
House of brokering <-- i'm brokering items!
Tf2 ~ Giveaways/Raffles
Ultimate Profit Group
Merteank's raffles
Racon's CS:GO Raffles!
RS Raffle Club
Raffles and TF2 Trades!
Bear Raffle Group
Basil's Phantasmagoric Rafflin'
TF2 and CSGO Community Raffles
Festive Trading

That's it :D (Will add more if I think of something)
Have a nice day / night / anything

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Dream unusual. YEAH! <3 WHOOHOO!!!!
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135 for the Unu :)
R.I.P Craig Sager (Boom) Jan 20 @ 6:13am 
i added u when u were online and u no accept :(
Zeus_Junior The Disco Dude Jan 20 @ 5:49am 
I iz online
R.I.P Craig Sager (Boom) Jan 20 @ 2:11am 
cum online omg
kwolfz trade.tf Jan 15 @ 7:16pm 
I have a disco beat down cotton head for sale. Message me when you are online
Zeus_Junior The Disco Dude Jan 14 @ 5:27am 
It should matter :P
And i know the difference but he was last online on bp.tf 2 days ago http://prntscr.com/dvis13