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Hi, I make pictures and do porting as a hobby. That's all you need to know.
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To the visitors of this page:
Due to my classes, I will be mostly busy doing my work at this time, so don't expect me to reply in a timely manner often, but I will try my best to do so if I can.

- Random friend invites and private profiles will be denied on the spot (The only exception to this rule is that I know you from somewhere (e.g: Discord) and we have talked for a reasonable amount of time.).

- I ignore requests as I have my own plans and too many outside responsibilities to deal with them. However, I will make exceptions on my discretion, but don't expect this to happen often.

- Unless you fulfill the exception, you must leave a comment before adding me, so I know who you are. Otherwise, I will deny your invite on the spot.

- If you like my work, join my discord [] . Do not add me in this case.

Thanks for reading!
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Coru Mar 16 @ 8:44am 
If u don't think so, well. I have to accept it.
Yunpol (Uni) Mar 16 @ 8:39am 
You are going need to have a better reason than that I am afraid. It sounds me to you are just a fan.
Coru Mar 16 @ 7:12am 
I'm Coru, I we don't know each other. But would really like to add you as a friend! The reason is: I think you are an awesome person to talk with, and maybe do few other things. :)
Carlos Fernandez Mar 14 @ 4:43pm 
Hi Yumpol, can you help me rig a Marill model? i can give you credit if you help: , here's the model
Phoenix Alaris Mar 4 @ 1:17pm 
No offence, but I think the lightwarp on your Pokemon packs as it is is a little too bright.
Cat Feb 8 @ 10:36am 
Add as a fellow pokemon content creator~