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I'm not selling my unusuals.

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Smash 4 main: Ganondorf.
Favourite games: The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker & Breath of the Wild
Best shows: Love Live Sunshine
Favourite food: Macaroni salad.
Favourite artist: Triple - Q [triple-q.tumblr.com] (Give him some love, he deserves it.)

Mari Ohara : i'm winning
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Kanan Matsuura : WHAT
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*DEAD* Mari Ohara : QUICK

Kanan Matsuura: national
Kanan Matsuura: kazoo day
Kanan Matsuura: january 28th
Kanan Matsuura: god bless
Plunk: its the 29th

Nitrosnipe - Today at 4:47 PM
nothing builds bonds like a bunch of strangers on the internet watching hentai together

13:39 - xSquizzy: hay
13:39 - SHINY!!: Hioo
13:39 - xSquizzy: is for horses
13:39 - xSquizzy: and sometimes cows
13:39 - xSquizzy: but pigs don't eat it

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sure in the bin u go
Yuki 雪 Jun 10 @ 1:49pm 
make me your fidget spinner, daddy
Quartermaster Jun 10 @ 1:48pm 
Oh shut it plunkoes you perv.
Plunk Jun 10 @ 1:27pm 
Glomps you Sowwie >~< you are just so cute! puts ears down shyly ( I don't normally get added back by girls (especially pretty ones ~) I hope we can play gmod together! I have a personal furry rp server if you wanna join me? Message me and i'll send you the IP ^3^
Quartermaster May 29 @ 10:26am 
The universe has been tipped upside down and the cosmic laws reversed: Yuki has started playing dota
Yuki 雪 May 20 @ 12:10am