Gavin   Australia
Random Quote: "I could give 27 fucks in a sentence, but I give 0 shits"

Random Quote 2: "I made the rules so I can break whatever the fuck I want... Including Hymens"

1v5 Clutch - Inferno

1v5 Clutch - Dust2

CS:GO Ranks had & current:
Had: S1-MG2
Current: MG1

1750 DPI
0.401 In-game

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I'm not makin no fancy about me info box like other people.

Like to drink? Join my TeamDrunkCS group, the drinking game rules have already been made and when playing drunk you can just chuck on the tag so everyone knows you're fucked up.

I'm a person who loves to play games, currently it's CS:GO and I help organise/admin Amateur tournaments, I'm also an aspiring CS:GO Caster and YouTuber (with a terrible channel).


1v5 Clutch - Inferno

1v5 Clutch - Dust2

That's about it for now I'll add more when I think of more. For reading this have a cookie

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Tyger Oct 19 @ 3:58am 
Accidentally removed. Cleared my entire list with the remove all button.
-eternity-Kvela Sep 15 @ 3:55am 
+rep add me please
Juzz Sep 2 @ 5:02pm 
Fucken weeb trash. Thinks he can carry but cant because he weeb. Go watch your hentaihaven shit.
Monkey Aug 24 @ 12:50am 
now youie
Monkey Aug 24 @ 12:50am 
first i'm the best manager
Monkey Aug 24 @ 12:50am 
fucking cunt,make up your mind