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Khor, Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
Come wide at me lad i'll stick Your legs right up yer arse.

Soviet Pootis Army Rank: Recruit


If Jruokis has a theme. Damn well I can have my own too.

Ey, I'm Vicislav, One of those uncommon competitive heavy mains. But Some people refer Me to be "The ultimate tryhard" or "One of the few good heavies." But some just consider Me a dick. Yep, That's me in a shellnut,
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MechanicalMechanism Mar 9 @ 12:02pm 
MechanicalMechanism Mar 9 @ 7:39am 
oof you sold that bitching heavy unusual?
Spectre Spartaics Mar 8 @ 8:02pm 
I like you. The moment you hit that unfriend button, you were not sweating and your breathing was even. You were completely calm, as I'd expect from the one who clicked that unfriend button.
+rep nice trader:jarate:
+rep even after steam almost deleted our items he still went through with the trade.