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Other kids could be cruel. They'd call me names...dweeb, chimp, honky, dweeby chimp, honky dweeb, and, worst of all, chompsky honk. Did you know there are 87 different combinations of those soul scolding words?

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Magpie 7 hours ago 
Hey Im Harlz! Long time Gamer, Streamer, Engineering Student, IT Consultant and most likely the person who just shot you.. :)

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Magpie Feb 16 @ 8:32pm 
it's totally fine. I don't expect everyone to just suddenly shift over instantly. I know it will be a significant adjustment even for those who are actually supportive. Even my three closest friends who have been keenly aware and completely supportive for the past 2 years continue to slip up still
but it hurts me every single time
and I'm just so fucking sick of internallizing that
Magpie Feb 16 @ 8:32pm 
PERSONAL NOTICE: at this point, if I haven't spoken to you individually, then either I'm just not that close with you (which is fine), or you actually make me uncomfortable.
My pronouns are "she/her".
You can still call me "Flib" or "f".
Those of you who insist on continuing to refer to me by things such as the following will be considered hostile elements and will be avoided: "Mr. Flib", "he", "him", "sir"

For my right-leaning "friends" who absolutely refuse to not hurt me with your "life choices" of disrespecting people's correct pronouns, but don't want me to completely cut you out entirely, it is entirely possible to just not even use pronouns! Just say "Flib" wherever you would incorrectly say "he" or "him".
>watching Django Unchained when it came out
>live in a mixed area, mostly black people in the theater
>really tense scene of slaves getting whipped by white slavemaster
>stand up and clear my throat
>nervous but I have to do it
>point at the screen
>"You know what? I don't like that at all. I don't believe in that and that is NOT what I stand for. God dammit, that just makes me sick."
>slight gasping and murmuring in the theater gives way to cheering
>crowd starts cheering my name
>guys giving me dap in all directions, qt black girls checking me out
>"Girl he kinda cute..."
>black guy pats me on the shoulder on the way out
>go to see The Mummy starring Tom Cruise
>scene where the mummy dies
>hear some nerdlinger say "that's a wrap I guess"
>stand up on my seat
>shout "That's a wrap folks" making sure to pronounce the silent w
>entire audience bursts into laughter, multiple people clapping, some giving me a standing ovation
>as i retire to my seat the supermodels sitting beside me say how clever I am and I must have a master degree in being so smart because of how genius i have been and i agree
>during the credits multiple people come up to thank me for the joke
Magpie Feb 7 @ 6:26pm 
Great... Falcon Heavy will overshoot Mars and and will fly into the asteroid belt. Can't we see it now? Multi-billionaire stunt knocks asteroid out of orbit, now on collision course with earth. The three mile asteroid will hit earth in 2.7 years and is expected to destroy all life on the planet? Oh well, another self-proclaimed billionaire is already destined to destroy all life on earth if 'they' don't get rid of him soon. Why is it that billionaires want to destroy us all? Aristocracy runs rampant. (you'll die, too, idiots)....