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9:20 PM - yang daddy: if you get pissed off when dad knocks over your model train set
9:20 PM - yang daddy: you're an engie main
9:20 PM - yang daddy: and a little autistic
9:20 PM - Lad Duck: LMFAO
9:21 PM - yang daddy: okay a lot autistic
9:21 PM - Lad Duck: L M F A O
9:21 PM - yang daddy: he was just trying to bring you some fucking sandwiches your mommy made with the special crust cut off and the wierd dolphin shape, but he interrupted the shipment to nome alaska so hes fucking doomed us all
9:22 PM - Lad Duck: im dead
9:22 PM - yang daddy: honestly he should have just pulled out, like that engine is pulling out of the station in kansas city
9:22 PM - Lad Duck: stop
9:22 PM - Lad Duck: i'm fucking dying
9:22 PM - Lad Duck: right now
9:22 PM - Lad Duck: please stop
9:23 PM - yang daddy: maybe if he had just pumped a bit harder the sperm that would have produced the president or that atheletic son he always wanted would have won
9:23 PM - yang daddy: but no
9:23 PM - yang daddy: your underachieving little mentall deficient ass somehow beat out a bunch of way more qualified candidates
9:24 PM - yang daddy: and now hes stuck with a 17 year old son who just shit his pants and cant brush his teeth unless the all the numbers in the time are the same, like 5:55 pm

9:02 PM - Lad Duck: time to find 5 more to turn me down :)
9:02 PM - Lad Duck: i've talked to more tf2 team leaders than i have girls :)
9:03 PM - yang LFP Silver Pocket: you see even if id never talked to a girl i couldnt say the same
9:03 PM - yang LFP Silver Pocket: bc i avoid talking to other team leaders like its the plague
9:03 PM - yang LFP Silver Pocket: cant get their nerd on me
9:03 PM - yang LFP Silver Pocket: hard to wash out
9:03 PM - yang LFP Silver Pocket: this shirt is dry clean only you know

grrm: im honestly surprised your parents haven't thrown you in the dumpster yet
piping hot cup of yang: they have, i just keep finding my way back
*rest of the discord dies*
piping hot cup of yang: it was all the more impressive considering i cut through the handcuffs with my teeth
*somehow the laughs outvolume the yang*
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