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First off if you don’t know the difference between a song and a track leave now, thanks.

I love listening to hardstyle. Got 1419 tracks and counting. #earfuck

Let’s pretend someone interviews me or something and asks questions about hardstyle and I answer them. Why? Because I am weird why not.

!NB: There's no drop in hardstyle tracks. It's called climax.

When did you start listening to hardstyle?
Honestly, I don’t remember exact date or year but Heady was still the host of “HARD with STYLE” and I have some hardstyle tracks uploaded to a video site at around the end of 2012 so at least since then.

What do you like hearing in a hardstyle track ?
Pretty much anything - climax, anti-climax, screeches, melody, reverse bass. Not all in a single track, though, lol.

Who is/was the best hardstyle producer in your opinion ?
Headhunterz although he doesn’t produce hardstyle anymore. He was my idol and inspiration.

What’s your favourite hardstyle subgenre ?
Euphoric hardstyle.

What does Rawphoric even mean? (A friend asked me)
Rawstyle and euphoric hardstyle are hardstyle subgenres. Rawphoric is a combination of both and it sounds epic.

Do you like anti-climax tracks?
Depends on the track itself really, but usually I do like such ones.

How much BPM is hardstyle and do you like genres that have higher BPM?
150 BPM. I have listened to hardcore (200 BPM) and still do but I prefer hardstyle.

What’s your favourite hardstyle track?
There are too many good hardstyle tracks so I can't choose just one but my favourite rawstyle track is "E-Force - Seven".

Who is your favourite hardstyle producer?
Probably D-Sturb as he produces both rawstyle and euphoric hardstyle. Damn!

Do you know someone that listens to hardstyle from your friends list ?
Yea, I got a hardstyle buddy - Zoutje

Can you name a few hardstyle podcasts?
Sure - “Isaac’s Hardstyle Sessions”, “HARD with STYLE”, “Global Dedication”. I’ve listened to all three. I’ve read that “WE R Hardstyle” is also good but haven’t listened to it yet.

What happens when you hear a hardstyle track that is really good?
It’s simple, I get goosebumps.

For or against vocals in hardstyle tracks ?
Personally, I think that vocals (especially female ones) make a track better nine times out of ten.

Which is the worst hardstyle track?
Well, I don't remember it's name but it was a combination of dubstep, hardstyle, big room, house(?) and it sounded terrible. I wouldn't call it "hardstyle" unlike other people who had written comments like "best hardstyle track", lol.
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