Galicia, Spain
👀 . . . . . i dont trade dont ask me to trade

The monitor is the one you find on the curb after the businessman on your street vanishes one day, and the graphics card is the one covered in red-and-black "GAMING" cruft made by the scam artists with the very cleverly cropped bar-graphs, which typically fails much sooner because some shiteater engineer decides to use an untested lead-free solder to make the BGA, which is not exposed to the public until three years later.

chemillas: que **** sobnormales son

Røldalsvatnet: mi madre decía que las consolas eran una mierda que me atontaban la mente
Røldalsvatnet: y va y me compra un ordenador, manda huevos asi es la vida

peksi: fighting games are like i dont know
peksi: mge
peksi: on flat ground

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Sage más conocido en el mundo entero como SERRESIETE
👌roses are red👌👌💦nuts are brown🍒skirts go up 👌 pants go down🎅🏿body to body 👀 skin to skin🙌when its stiff 👤stick it in👅💦it goes in dry🤡its comes out wet🍖the longer its in 🔥 the stronger it gets💪🏿 it comes out dripping and starts to sag 💦🍆 its not what u think its a tetley teabag☕️