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Wooo my profile is kinda cool now :D
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Alright so here are a couple things i guess i wanna say

Im a gamer who has a really shitty laptop to game on so i cant really play too many games. I primarily play TF2 but dont be confused, in TF2 i mainly play tfdb. My main goal is tfdb is to be good enough to give the better players a run for their money. I think its also important to note that its also a goal to gain the respect and or friendship of every db player i think is extremely good. I would also like to say that I dont like having beef with anyone so please dont come to me talking shit about other people.

I do also play other games like CS:GO but im not very good at it and my computer can barely run it so if you ever wanna play that youre gonna have to give me a couple minuets :D

Here are some rules I'd like to put down

-Dont ask me for free items please
-Dont be rude to me and i wont be rude to you, if you choose to continuously be rude i will un-add you
-I'm always open to trade, but if i say no to a trade please do not beg me, i will ask you to stop and if you do not stop i will un-add you

Here are some links to things you might care about

My Tradelink
My SteamRep [rep.tf]
My Backpack.tf [backpack.tf]

thats all i can think of right now, have a good day :]
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who tf are u and what have you done with xhefos
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ew head mod<3
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[Head Mod]xhefos : when i die on the broom i can still hear it afterwards