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sleep with me velociraptors :D
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PETER 19 hours ago 

I will not allow my children to use the OwO emoticon. I am trying to raise them to be good God-loving boys and girls, but satanic emoticons like OwO are making it very difficult for me. First of all, cute animal faces are clearly the work of the d*vil. Second, it teaches children that they should pretend to be an animal in front of their parents. Fourth, OwO is way too sexy for a childrens emoticon. Something as sexual as OwO belongs in a p*rn. Fifth, the OwO brother is promoting the g*y agenda.

That is why my children will not be allowed to use OwO. I hope other Christan moms will read this and ban their children from using OwO too.
kapesnikcz Sep 15 @ 10:13am 
Dobrý den, jsem český administrátor stránky RedTube. Všimli jsme si, že jste již 2 týdny nenavštívil naši porno stránku. Ujišťujeme se, jestli je stále všechno v pořádku. Od té doby, co jste byl pryč, jsme aktualizovali naši sekci GayPorno, která se vám jistě bude líbit. S pozdravem RedTube.
PETER Sep 14 @ 11:20am 
Kdo chce želví polívku?
PETER Sep 4 @ 10:34am 
綠尾龜(Testudo hermanni)是一種草食陸龜,其自然環境位於南歐。 也許最受歡迎的類型的烏龜被囚禁。 它長出20厘米,在野外也有較大的個體。 卡拉巴克具有黃褐色或棕黑色,可長期在室外變化。 前肢上有五根手指,有鈍爪,四根手指在後腿上。



對於陸龜,2012年3月在布爾諾 - 拜斯特爾舉辦了比賽,可能是捷克共和國首次正式批准。 四隻動物參加,六歲的綠尾鯨烏鴉的女性Wendy獲勝,背後是烏龜先生。

StrangerThanYou Sep 2 @ 6:19am 
Green-tailed turtle (Testudo hermanni) is a herbivorous terrestrial turtle, whose natural environment is in southern Europe. Probably the most popular type of turtle reared in captivity. It grows 20 cm, in the wild there are also larger individuals. Karapax has a yellowish-brown or brown-black color that can change over long-term outdoor. He has five fingers on the forelegs with blunt claws, four fingers on the hind legs.

Green turtle survives 60-80, according to some sources 50-100 years

Gender can be reliably determined in turtles only at six, usually up to ten years

For terrestrial turtles, races were organized in March 2012 in Brno-Bystrc, probably the first officially approved in the Czech Republic. Four animals took part, the six-year-old female of the green-tailed turtle Wendy was victorious, behind it was Mr. Turtle.
Potato Sep 1 @ 3:06pm