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💁 Common FAQ 🙅🏻

Q: Are you a girl?
A: No. Yes. I'm really a girl

Q: How old are you?
A: 23.

Q: Why'd you unfriend me?
A: If we don't communicate within a month, you are gone.

Q: Watch any streamers? Do you Stream?
A: Yes and so so. I mainly watch Laphin [www.twitch.tv], Opsct [www.twitch.tv], spider_pig__jr [www.twitch.tv], TheSwiftLegend [www.twitch.tv].

I am currently a mod in PigPen. And I do stream sometimes, mainly from my PS4, but I'll start to stream from my PC once I move.

Q: Can you gift me?
A: Can Dolphins fly?

Q: Favorite Game:?
A: Dead by Daylight. Come the 26th of May, F13th.

Q: What does your steam name mean?
A: A voice line from a LoL character.

Q:Why are you such a bitch?
A: Why are you so fucking Stupid?

Q: Why do you have females so much?
A: Holy shit I can't stress this topic enough. I hate Sqeaky voice, money hungry, thirsty ass females. I absolutely hate them.

Q: are you and Syncroniam a thing?
A: Calm your Thirsty ass sweetie.. we just agree on females getting their asses eaten.

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Syncroniam Jun 16 @ 11:14pm 
Syncroniam Apr 26 @ 4:40am 
Syncroniam Mar 23 @ 6:25pm 
ayyy whats good
Boccia Mar 15 @ 1:01pm 
+rep Finds a base, and blows it up
Syncroniam Feb 28 @ 1:07pm 
bruh I'd never neglect you.
Syncroniam Feb 4 @ 5:26pm 
you made my day lmao