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Greetings, How you doin?

Make sure to comment down why you want to add me. example is if you want to negotiate on what I'm selling or a question in general etc.

Do not try to scam me. I know every scam in the book so don't even try

Do not beg for free items. Learn to trade yourself.

Do not Send me ridiculous trades. Im just going to flat out decline the trade.

Be respectful when speaking to me. Otherwise i'm not going to have a friendly

If your profile or backpack is private but you want to trade with me you have a high risk of being blocked from me. Reasons is to block out scammers that is trying to hide something.

If you are marked as a scammer on steamrep from any community platform you are going to be ignored/blocked

Caution marked users are welcome to trade be but beware im going to have caution trading with you.

If we are doing cash trades you must be reputable/trusted by the community.

+Rep on my profile is not necessary since it can be spammed for example but im not going to stop you if you want to +rep me. However if we are doing trades that revolves trust then a trust rating would help alot.

My Steamrep: Here []
My Rep.Tf: Here []

EXTRA: The outpost ban wasn't because i scammed/sharked someone so no. I am NOT marked as a scammer or sharker

Tf2 Trading
My Backpack: Here []
My Bazzar: Here []
My TF2TP: Here []
My Reddit Profile: Here

Click me!

I am trading (buying or selling) items. So check out on my tf2 links or see above on what i'm advertising.

Personal info: I'm an anonymous user. That's all you are gonna hear from me off that topic.

Non personal Info:
-I am a retired raffler. I used to raffle tf2 items in popular groups before i ended it.
-I am a experienced Team Fortress 2 trader (obviously) but also a 3yr user for tf2.
-I am learning game designing/animating for future reasons

That's pretty much it...yea kinda small

My Setup
Computer: Mac (I know, its terrible)

Mouse: Razer Mamba Tournament Edition.
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow X Tournament Edition Chroma.
Mousemat: Razer Firefly
Headset + Built in mic: Razer Kraken Pro V2

Animation Pad: Intuos Wacom

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