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I don't want anyone to add me jsut for an RP ot ERP or for dating i don't like being hurt by others as i was just now i recently added somne inf rame of mind thinking he jsut wanted to be a friaind,

i like meeting new people, i only known him for a day or 2 and he suddenly says

" i'm sryr this isnt going to work out"

and removes me i hate being put on a ignored list for no resson or removed hurts me a little : / as i think i'v done somthing if you going add me for one thm ressons please jsut piss off : /

With that said i'm happy to add people that i look into and i do and will look into your profile before adidng and i did the sme for that one guy i checkd him out and i throught he jsut wanted to be freinds...

anyways moving on....

i have Dyslexia it is a learning disorder that manifests itself as a difficulty with reading, spelling [from google] so sory about the bad spelling i'm trieing tho ^-^

Thank you Elysor :) ]

[♥ Personal Information ♥]

♥ Relationship: ♥[ have none ] ♥

♥ Interested in: Female more then male's [ i'm bi ]

♥ Gender: ♀Transgender male to Female ♀


♥ Age:18 (real life 23)

♥ Sex: Female (i'm transgener male)

♥ Owner: ( none?? )

♥ Interests: furries, and games

♥ Height: 3.5 feet

♥ Weight: 60.

♥ Likes: playing games spending time with friends and having undrstanble nd accepting friends and people and like beling held and and treated like a nomal girl

♥ Dislikes: rude people / hateful / disrespctful / non accepting people / back stabbing / and using you / people who add you just for soul reson to rp or erp if they don't they remove you / i hate people who add you for rps and not for freinds / i hate people who suddenly put you on ignore list or remove you for no resson its rude and need a given asnwer or i'll feel hurt.......

♥ Grade average: does't matter but i'm not the brightest girl but i am pure at heart, and hate hurting others and love saving poor creatures and helping others

]~Fursona perks~]

♥ Curse: Changed into a Wolf

♥ Weapons: my imagination

♥ Special interests:love hugs caring people and people who willing to tlk and try help me through hard times and love to spend time with me in games or chats and like people who are open books

[About me]

I'm transgender male working towards to be a female in life i'v been struggleing to deal with many problems along the way like how to go to school and try to make myself happy and find that spiecal someone i can spend my life with i did find somone but it sadly could not work from long distances,

I'm worried I wont meet anyone who i can spend the rest of my life with to grow old with them and to never be alone being a transgender male is a very complex life that you find problems in having a boyfriend or girl friend and many other aspects of gender,

other then that i am childish at heart and love video games and i'm i love the 90s stuff movies and games and i'm huge on blizzard entertainment

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