Arthur Bray   Michigan, United States
Hey Everybody Its Wolfhider Here. I'm A FPS, Fighting, RTS, Sandbox and Adventure Gamer. I like Fallout 1-Vegas, SaintsRow 1-3, KOF, Couterstrike Games and Others on my game list. I play other games like Minecraft and Starcraft II. I'm a helpful player if you need help you can ask me, I'll see what I can do. I'm working on artwork. I'm friendly player I don't treat anyone different unless they want to be treated as such. also if you add me. most likely your not getting in. unless your account isn't either private or isn't known to be a scammer or your real name isn't being used. possibly if your account looks like nothing is on it or known as a botting. One more thing ask me first in a message if you want to be friends. unless I really know you.

Art Site [wolfhider.deviantart.com]
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