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Christian White: Nailed it
❤️ YouWish ❤️ #NepNep: Who'd you nail?
❤️ YouWish ❤️ #NepNep: last I checked my ass is thoroughly not penetrated.

❤️ YouWish ❤️: butts
Shadow Puppeteer: sex
❤️ YouWish ❤️: :^
❤️ YouWish ❤️: :^^
❤️ YouWish ❤️: :^))

❤️ YouWish ❤️: I mixed Cocaine with Gatoraide
❤️ YouWish ❤️: I call it Cocaineraide
UltraPhi: cool

❤️ YouWish ❤️: Straight outa bandwidth.

UltraPhi: hi
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Hi, you know, we've had a lot of laughs tonight
❤️ YouWish ❤️: but there's a serious problem that lots of Americans face everyday
UltraPhi: Water.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Only one in every ten people will get bootie today
UltraPhi: r u one of them
❤️ YouWish ❤️: yes.
UltraPhi: 10 / 10 goty

❤️ YouWish ❤️: I'll invite you to the butt call with christian one day and I can abuse you both for being bad medics haha
Drizzle: Kay

Gubble: Sergeant Mr Doctor YouWish, you my friend have a freak tongue now
Gubble: We'll have to amputate it
❤️ YouWish ❤️: rip.

bna: tomorrow
bna: ???
❤️ YouWish ❤️: yes
❤️ YouWish ❤️: I'm fre.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: free
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Phri

❤️ YouWish ❤️: < = ^ )
Smokey Flarey: izz youwashingmachine
❤️ YouWish ❤️: brb making a meme
❤️ YouWish ❤️ has changed their name to ❤️ YouWashingMachine ❤️.

Christian White: Shadows still alone
❤️ YouWish ❤️: hmm
❤️ YouWish ❤️: we need to get shadow a friend
❤️ YouWish ❤️: like how you get your dog another dog
Christian White: That's what I did in Falout 4
Christian White: I got Dogmeat a Junkdog
❤️ YouWish ❤️: who do we know who's;
❤️ YouWish ❤️: as annoying as shadow
❤️ YouWish ❤️: can stand someone as annoying as shadow
❤️ YouWish ❤️: likes the stupid shit shadow likes
❤️ YouWish ❤️: can handle shadows arrogance
❤️ YouWish ❤️: and is tolerable by us.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: It's a lost cause, isn't it?
Christian White: ...
Christian White: Let me cheak the Eight Ball
Christian White: "All signs point to yes"

❤️ YouWish ❤️: nah just keeping up to date with intel.
Mambo No. Phi: What kind of intel was that
❤️ YouWish ❤️: i7
❤️ YouWish ❤️: 2600k
Mambo No. Phi: intel inside
❤️ YouWish ❤️: fuckin sick ass Pentium III
Mambo No. Phi: hazwl
❤️ YouWish ❤️: fuckin 600Mhz
❤️ YouWish ❤️: 1v1 me fgt
Mambo No. Phi: i only play games coded in binary
❤️ YouWish ❤️: I only play games coded in Punch cards.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Fuckin savage.
Mambo No. Phi: Coded in morse code
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Coded on stone tablets
Mambo No. Phi: Calculations done by abacus
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Fuckin counting bananas in the trees over here.
Mambo No. Phi: Using the same process they used to make stone henge
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Can count my cells on one finger.

❤️ YouWish ❤️: A Horse, A Human and a Giraffe walk into a bar.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Bartender says "Why the long face?"
❤️ YouWish ❤️: Sarah Jessica Parker responds.
❤️ YouWish ❤️: That's the joke, kms.

oxfordconsise: I'm not as think as you drunk I am

YouWish: When the meme soo supreme you let out a little cream.

Shadow Puppeteer: what are you doing : YA MUM : OOH : BURN

.❤️ YouWish ❤️.: WOW
.❤️ YouWish ❤️.: it's PorkTF2!
.❤️ YouWish ❤️.: Sign my boobies
Pork #LF SubSniper: XD
Pork #LF SubSniper: Will do

banana: scrim tonight btw
banana: are you here
Are contracts fixed?: nop
Are contracts fixed?: Fan #3 on my GPU died
banana: oh
banana: ok well tomorrow 8pm
Are contracts fixed?: rip I'm sorry D:
banana: dont worry its fine
Are contracts fixed?: so's your mums pussy D:

YourWishes: When the girl in the anime who's been shy says "I love you" to the main character and your heart melts and you're talking to shadow and he says some gay shit so you start jackin it hard and cum over your keyboard and the smell attracts wild animals that lick it off your dick but then you finally stop jizzing and they get hungry and eat your dick off, so you have to have a sex change to be a woman and fly to indonesia and you get robbed so you're stuck and have to trade drugs and snort too much coke and black out in the ocean and die
YourWishes: feelsgoodman.jpg

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