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It's been quite a while since I've done a review, hopefully the rust wears off.

Shadow Warrior (2013) is an action hack and slash with first person shooter aspects which takes you on a rollercoaster of blood, gore, cheap-yet-fantastic humor and lampshading of all kinds where a mystical sword, a smartarse for a companion, and a well-executed Asian protagonist are combined to create the perfect demon-killing combo.

So hang on to your grandmas and let Doomguy sit this one out, another badass will be taking the stage.

Enter Lo Wang, a guy whose name has more innuendos than he has girlfriends, bringing 2 million dollars to a deal in which the legendary blade known as Nobitsura Kage would have then become property of Zilla, his "employer". However, the deal goes sour, Lo Wang gets the bad end, and now has to find the blade before Zilla decides to have a Smol Wang for dinner.

The story in itself is impeccable, and one of the most well-built plots I have come across. In essence, the Nobitsura Kage becomes key to changing Lo Wang's neverending rich brat shenanigans as well as the fate of Earth, where you have to fight Zilla's agents, Enra's demons, and Lo Wang's disregard for what's going on by simply pulling effective one-liners and jokes that put ME, of all people, to shame, in order to see the truth behind the Nobitsura Kage. Once Hoji, a banished demon with just as much of a fetish for being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ as Lo Wang, begins to accompany the aforementioned protagonist, most of the dialogue becomes one comedy show after another, making you laugh through hordes of demons after another with clever exchanges as well as a unique insight on the crap that surrounds them. The intro in itself would seem rather confusing, but the truth is there in your face, and throughout the game that said intro becomes more clearer, and so does the truth behind Lo Wang's destiny as it unravels and wraps itself behind a history of tragedy and tyranny.

The gameplay for Shadow Warrior is rather fluid, but also solid at the same time. Using the blade mentioned above for melee situations, you can also use a variety of other demon-killing weapons in your arsenal. You will get a revolver, for cheap, single-target kills, an SMG that gains an akimbo powerup which allows you to mow down everything in your path, a crossbow that has the ability to shoot stickybombs once purchased, a shotgun that turns a demon's head into a fruit salad, a flamethrower that Team Fortress 2's Pyro should steal because it is far more superior, and a rocket launcher to top it off, because blowing everything up is just irresistible. Along with these, you can use demon hearts to give low-tier demons a literal heart attack, as well as use the head of a Warlord to FIRE YER LAZORZ at everything you see.

The only thing that you'll find slightly difficult about the gameplay is the understanding of using button combinations to pull off abilities such as healing, crowd control, and shielding. If you've ever played Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, these should be simple to pull off. If not, you get ample time to get the hang of or even master these button combos.

The audio is subtle, gentle to your ears, yet fits the atmosphere of the game. The music used during battles keep the feudal Japanese touch but also add a touch of emergency while adding a cup of if-you-don't-do-better-than-Doomguy-you're-getting-replaced-son. The ambience also adds a bit of flavour to your ears when you traverse the many levels of Shadow Warrior, each with it's own unique touch.

There's really nothing I can say that brings this game down. People usually complain about repetition in games and how too much of the same thing ruins the uniqueness of said game, but personally many different things become too much for someone to remember, especially with Shadow Warrior. With the combinations, the different upgrades to the weapons you "acquire", as well as remembering how to deal with certain major demons is enough to try and remember for each level. The repetitiveness isn't really existent in Shadow Warrior, waves of enemies exist so you need to have enough ammo for your weapons to deal with them, or the right combination to see them dead at your feet. The bosses in this game, while carrying some sort of similar way to defeat them, it comes with reasoning which Hoji will end up telling you.

This game, as a whole, is worth the $50. If you got it for free, like I did, consider yourself a lucky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Before I end it here, make sure to get as many fortune cookies as you can. The fortunes are well worth it. If necessary, I'll play through the game on Ex Mode and get screenshots of all of the fortune cookies so that you can view them all in all their glory.

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It would only make sense that they would update the game on the same day.
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Such noice.