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Bonnis Oct 16 @ 9:50pm 
oi dam my nome is arkisha and i was born in the bronx in 2003 but then osmam ban loden took power in the middle east so this impacted me, at the age of 4 which is exactly in 2007 i was adopted by 2 old people that brought me to an amish village that they only speaked niggeragiuan in and i had to leartn fast. the next day osmam loden cam and just took all of oir food supply which happend to be pigeons that were compacted in to a small can and then he enslaved us to help him bui.ld tje ;arhest twin towers the wordld has seen and then 2 ifel towers crashed into them and sadly the germans won the war so this impacted my jewish hawaiian family for years and years upon. good nite i have soccer tomorrow dont worry mom this is jst a ruf copy
Willahoo Sep 23 @ 4:20pm 
My dad beating my mom was a Misclick
Fuck🚁It Aug 31 @ 11:08pm 
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