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The more updates released, the worse they get...
-Yobama?.. Webama? or.. uh, whoever that fucking black guy in the suit is...

10/20/2017 how: just checking out the update <--- thats me! :3
YRRAB.RM: pretty trash so far XC
how: ikr
how: everyone agrees
how: ...
how: omg
how: i predict
how: that the more updates
how: the worse they get
YRRAB.RM: servers are also doown
how: yeah
how: valve popped a molly, then took a shit and said, 'oh that looks nice' and thats how this update is made. just a steaming yucky pile of regret
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Ayyy I got unfriended (I honestly ont care if you unfriended me cause we don't even play anyways xD)
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Don't get the joke though xd
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Apology accepted