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First question I'm usually asked: "why are you adding me as a friend?"
Simple. I've seen your review while browsing some game which attracted my interest, and found your writing is good and satisfying. Nothing more I could ask from you. I'm not into trades. Yet I do enjoy a little chat sometimes, the main reason for us to be friends - for I can read your precious reviews. I'm much a reader person.

As for me, I'm a games collector, and I like all of them covered. Too bad it's not gonna happen. I have much less free time than desire for playing.

With all magnificence AAA-titles have, I'm usually preferring maybe mediocre, but fairly made and presented games from small developers. I tend to use much of philosophy in my way of life, with a predilection for realism. Part of my reviews might look totally incomprehensible for normal reading, because of that philosophy burden.

Despite that, I'm doing all that reviewing and socializing in general to learn some English. Please, feel free to correct me when I'm misusing words or something, okay?
Yeah, I'm writing reviews not because I'm so much clever than guys who made stuff, but only to exercise myself with foreign vocabulary. I mean it.

Due to my irregular duties, I'm quite often AFK even if you see me with "online" status or some game opened on my PC. I've never used "Idle master" or such soft, I just start the game, then smth happens and I rush onto it, forgetting about opened game. Or I can simply drop off and sleep, being too tired to switch off the lights. Every game where I have more than 5 hours, usually have about 25-40% of time when I was not actually played, and just idled - for various reasons.

NB: Ahh, sorry, but I must add this: I'll most likely not accept any invites from people who have little amount of games on their accounts and no reviews. And I hate all those mindless groups like "100% nerds gather here". Don't spam me with such invites, please.
Also: I rarely buy anything for myself now, due to some income misfortunes. So anybody asking me to give Him my money is automatically receiving my sincerest cursing.
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