Crazy Bob
Ty Fearby   Lockport, New York, United States
---------DON'T random add me comment why you're adding me---------
-------------------I will make a sign for you with any pic for 3 ref!-----------------
-------------------------INFO ABOUT ME AND GAME STUFF----------------------------

Moderator for NeonHeights
I do not personally handle ban appeals go to the offical NeonHeights group to appeal
I wont trade/add anyone with a trade ban or is a marked scammer

Battle Tag: TrashMouse#1640 (Only play overwatch)
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Have a look at my renames below, it could make your day.
League of Legends name : Tie Furboi
Main: Singed
Pentas: 4 (singed x2, kat, and tf)
- I like video games and for the most part I dont take them seriously
- I dont like drama over the internet SO DONT DRAG ME IN TO ANY
- The only game I LOVE is the Souls games
- Praise the sun
- I only hate 5 things the most other than that I like or dont care for
1: People that think thay are better than others
2: Over priced items
3: Kids that dont know anything that try to correct me
4: Internet relationships
5: People with a twitch link as thare name/put it in chat (no one cares bro)

I eat ass, like the whole thing, with a spoon.
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Kakashi ツ / 23 hours ago 
big bro long boi
Kevin Apr 24 @ 3:08pm 
Was wondering if you could make me a full colored clan pride
Alcoholocaust Apr 21 @ 5:07pm 
Random Apr 21 @ 3:23pm 
🅱ey 🅱eter
Omen Apr 18 @ 3:16am 
added for hilarious character
Hey I Just Apr 9 @ 5:40pm 
+rep really trustfull