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Want to hear me talk shit about Gaming Light? Scroll Down to About Me!
I am Community Owner/Founder on AlienizedVoidGaming, I love what I do for these servers but I am also Website Developer. Go AlienizedVoidGaming! If you ever need any help with your server I am here.
Check Us Out At: Alienized Void Gaming [alienizedvoidgaming.us] If you would like to rent a gmod server cheap with no lag. Let me know ;)!

As of 6/15/17 I got a job as Head Camp Counselor at Martial Arts Center!

As of today 11/13/16 one of my closes friends past away in a motorcycle accident. Someone ran a red light, Hit him head-on and was killed upon impact. His name was Nick Watkie. I love you Nick.



You're on a roll!

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About Me
I now Own CrixRP. I am an A-B honor roll student.(unweighted GPA of 3.8, weighted GPA of 4.2) I consider myself to be funny. Unfortently im popular at school. I am that one kid everyone knows, even the all the teachers and administration, it has its perks though. If I come across as a dick I promise im really not. I'm a leader and when I take charge I will go ham. I will to try help anyone I can but some people you cant help. I love Garry's Mod and I probably always will. I have met some amazing people and im sure I will meet more. One of the people that sucks is Confiqqq.

If you lie, cheat, steal, break rules, or cross lines you never should, I'm not the same person. If you don't do those things well get along great.


I am the Community Owner, Fourms Manager, and Support Manager for CrixRP. I literally do everything. If you are having problems with anything pertaning to gmod let me know an ill try to help. Add me for these reasons:

[*] Server Bug
[*] Staff Abusing
[*] Problem with gmod
[*] Problem with website
[*] Need help in gmod



[*] Certifed Medic With American Heart Assosiation
[*] First Aid, CPR, And AED Certified With American Heart Assosiation
[*] First Aid, CPR, And AED Certified With NHCPS
[*] Red Cross Volunteer
[*] American Heart Assosiation Volunteer
[*] Buisness Chief Of Operations [COO] - Red Wing Hosting
[*] Buisness Vice President - Local Buisness
[*] HTML5 + CSS3 Certified
[*] Website Developer
[*] Large Community Owner
[*] Director Of Development for CrixRP
[*] Army JROTC Cadet Staff Sergeant
[*] Army JROTC Cadet Sergeant First Class
[*] Army JROTC Platoon Sergeant
[*] Army JROTC Saber Team Commander
[*] Army JROTC Raiders Commander (And brought it back)
[*] VFW Volunteer
[*] Martial Arts Center Volunteer
[*] Head Camp Counselor at local Martial Arts Center
[*] Digital Video Production Director
[*] Decent GM Lua Coder
[*] Favorited by many (Still Unknown Why)

Encrypted Laser Hosting Services

Want to be able to host your server (Web, Gmod, Arma, etc) at one of the cheapest prices around? Well, you are in luck! I have an exclusive partnership with the best hosting company ever; Encrypted Laser Hosting Services! I am now able to offer you not only hosting services at a cheaper price, but an even cheaper price on-top of that using discount codes.

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Own a Community?

Something I do on the side is that I join servers and and Exploit bad staff members. Owning a community I know that bad staff members make your entire community shit and makes people not want to join. I love doing it. Get to argue for fun. And best part is i do it free of charge :D.
Contact me if you would like me to do it for you.

My experience with Gaming Light

So i played on gaminglights policerp server. I washed the dishes one day. Came back and everyone was in the same TS channel. So i listened and apparently someone had made racial comments and holocaust jokes. At the time i did not know they made 9/11 jokes. After about a half hour they thought it was me bacause i said "Rip" when someone was moved out to admin channel. They spoke to me then moved me back. Time passed. Then everyone was adding Tents and cars to there names so i added a planes. They then asked me infront of 40 people on TS why i had a plane, I explaned it. I offered to take it out of my name. Then the manager proccided to say it was me that did it and perma banned me from the website, TS, and all the servers. They next day they found who actually did it and i finnaly got unbanned for something I DID NOT DO NOR EVEN KNEW ABOUT . A few days passed and so i noticed the server was real laggy so i went on the forums and game some suggestions on how to help with the low frames and lag.(EX: told them upgrading CPU specs would help). The owner then said i knew nothing about servers and permanetly bans me from the forums. Note: I do not know everything but i did run and own community for a few years. So to this day, I do not play on Gaming Light nor do i support it.

My Famous Quotes

" You're On A Roll! "

" It's ok, I'm Certifed. "


"Control is the fuel of your car, Dedication is the fuel of your jet, and laughter is the fuel of the world."

"Why have a life when CS:GO is still a thing?"

"Nuclear Bombs are not the world's biggest weapon. Laughter is."

"Laughter is what will bring countries together but it is what will tear countries apart."

"I just want to give a shoutout to my sponsor Gatorade."

"When you leave the place you love you take some of it with you; But when you take some, you leave some behind."

"Life is tough when you live it the way its ment to be lived."

"Sometimes you say something you don't mean. And you regret it, but you still get punished for it. But thats life"

"Why it seems so bad is because you are subconsciously preparing yourself for the worst, even though the best is soon to come."

"Without pain, you will not know your weaknesses."


Just think with every day you complain about your life, you make it seem like your life is bad because you dont have an iPhone, Somone looks at a picture of an iPhone and knows they will never have one, they will never see one. And they will never get the chance to toutch one. You have it better than half of the people in the world. Don't Complain.

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