Shit Stain   Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Peru
Just a gaming brony mayne. Also I might be a gril and muffin.


[ ] - Shit stain here

My dumbass twitch right here guys ill never use it LUL-

As long as I can keep a smile on someone's face, Ill stick around Mayne.

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Shit stians here shit stains there shit stains everywhere!
My name is thegrilandmuffin.If you see thegrilandmuffin it is most likely me.

As i have said b4 I am thegrilandmuffin and thegrilandmuffin is also meh!!!!I am a hopeless community college student studying criminal justice.Its not the best and not the worst.

I mostly play dota 2 not as much as before but i still play alot.My Dotabuff can be found right here shit stains

I guess you can call me an average guy that just tries too get by.I am lazy and hold off everything too the last minute lel.If you cant tell I am indeed a brony for the most part but i havent watched the show since like season 3 really. My fav is pinkie pie but Dash is a close second.

If you want too add me, put a comment right under here before you do it.

Heres a few links you can find me at.Social Media and all that shit lel
My youtube channel for shit stains that missed it

Follow meh on twitter

This Is my permabanned Bronysqaure. I guess they dont like people who fap too rainbow dash lol. I have sent them 2 emails too delete my account but the shit stains never respond and I dont even care no more lol.I wont be able too add you here of course just a funny thing too say lel!

This is my edgy pony sqaure that i use my pony oc Salty Jet Ski too erp on EleGiggle.Im not banned on this account lol

This is my legit soundcloud in game.Its great

I guess ill put quotes here idk mayne

11:18 PM - Joe: ill tak u OUT
11:19 PM - thegrilandmuffin: only thing u know how 2 take out is james newmans trash

Heres a penny Shit Stain

I got the dosh

Dimwitdog is a god (NSFW) put her name in a google

GrimStrider: But if i do have some time
GrimStrider: We should def. bang!

11:30 PM - Joe, hero of America: u are one ugly spic motherfucker!!!11 take ur pony as with u too!
11:31 PM - Joe, hero of America: I'm trying to write like you.
11:31 PM - Joe, hero of America: Did I win?

I'm so real you could call me reality
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Dota 2 clappers boys - Public Group
If you like fapping after loseing at dota 2 because of peruvian teammates come here
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GrimStrider 7 hours ago 
Damn yeah, mayne!! Next event: No More Room in Ponyville. Coming right at ya, baby!!
CupHolder Jul 24 @ 10:28pm 
Is that you in your profile pic you transpecies bronie
SaltyJetSki Jul 24 @ 11:06am 
Qualia Jul 18 @ 10:15am 
No mozilla ass for mayne
Joe Jul 14 @ 11:35pm 
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Joe Jul 14 @ 3:46pm 
has liek forty million friends and his comments are dying lol!