Hello, i'm Vynxar

I'm a YT guy delivering mostly Indie games footage and reviews on my channel

The Channel is dedicated to indie game, especially sandbox games & survival. But we will sometimes go for more mainstream games if they add new kind of gameplay or interesting additions to their specific genre.
I will be searching nonetheless for game which give us more freedom in general and allow more interactions with their worlds.

Having an impact (preferably a positive one) on the world surrounding you is the point (for me at least ;p).

I've been playing video games since the beginning of the 90's and i've seen quite a bunch of video games now so i may shoot a bit of retro gaming.

I hope you'll like channel you can follow me on twitter as well where i will be highlighting news and upcoming indie games

See you in space internet Citizens!

Here is my Youtube channel : VynxarTV

Twitter: @Vynxar

And my twitch which is not very active these days:
Twitch: Vynxar [www.twitch.tv]

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Youtube: VynxarTV
Twitter: @Vynxar
Twitch: Vynxar [www.twitch.tv]
Thank you for your support and have fun as usual
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A great indie game allowing you to experience the waste of an apocalyptic wasteland where bandits and factions struggle to survive.
You can be a mercenary, a bandit harrassing caravans or build an outpost and gather men to defend your land at the strengh of your sword.
You can harvest your fields, mine, forge armor & weapon, open a shop to trade and many other things
All that in a peacefull atmosphere and with a great adaptative soundtrack.
I cannot do anything else but to recommand this game which one of my favorite. Please be aware the game is in alpha stage and is nowhere close to be finished.

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