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I Love My Friends So Much ♥ \(^.^)/ ♥
me irl [i.imgur.com]
Twurtle: If they're not running uber, imma spank my mum.
Lycan. -kinkiesthorse2014- : I have ran the red river, and it was great.
Nessy Cyrodiil: I have a big black dick, Osharlock.
UGC Osharlock: Fuck, I just came everywhere.
Nessy Cyrodiil: Stop making me having a period.
UGC Osharlock: I'm ramming my mum with my horn.
Nessy Cyrodiil: Please, that's my fetish, fucking a gameboy.
MLG360NOSCOPE : VoidTrninity have cheats aimbot and things
|FV| Jan: i like it rough, but not too much ;)
TC Spyro: I am physically fit. I'm a plat spy
TC Spyro: Is that you in your profile picture? Cause i'd bang you [i.imgur.com]
03:34 Sideshow: VoidT you rekt me earlier :<
Thecrackdealer : losing to f2ps with shades signed medigun

[21:35:04] (Channel) Nessy: ;__;
[21:35:10] (Channel) Nessy: can you hear me
[21:35:28] (Channel) Nessy: fuck t
[21:35:36] (Channel) Nessy: i'm gonna
[21:35:39] (Channel) Nessy: you know what
[21:35:48] (Channel) Nessy: i'm gonna take my strap
[21:35:52] (Channel) Nessy: and put it
[21:36:03] (Channel) Nessy: into void's ass
[21:36:14] (Channel) Nessy: BECAUSE MY MIC IS BAD FOR HIM

Raspberry: I'm going to steal chris and take him to Gravesend
Osharlock: Where...?
Raspberry: Gravesend
Osharlock: Oh, I thought you said Gregs

Lovely: I'm going to sleep
Cmm Bert: I'm going to sleep as well.
Lovely: No, he's going to fuck me.

22:24 - Blizz_: She's not my type
22:24 - Blizz_: I prefer males

23:07 - VoidTrinity: That makes kids, they don't help
23:08 - Lil' Frankie: they can cause
23:08 - Lil' Frankie: you can fire them out of a canon

13:53 - Cagnaccio: no homo
13:53 - I Love You ♥: lmao
13:54 - Cagnaccio: It's gay only if you swallow
13:54 - Cagnaccio: spread the verb

TC § ѴoidƬrinity §: Why are you fisting me?
TC Mikau: Because it helps.

23:31 - Confused: lol I've only heard of vertically challenged before
23:32 - erotically challenged person: but i'm erotically challenged :c
23:32 - erotically challenged person: don't judge me!
23:33 - Confused: viagra poster boy lol
23:33 - erotically challenged person: D:
23:34 - Confused: nah it's good
23:34 - Confused: you get free viagra

Tippo : Void best waifu

'franches : I had a heartattack when I saw voidtrinity comming.
'franches : Fortunently I dont have to fight against her.

18:16 - Nessy Cyrodiil: god it can barely hold inside me ;__;
18:16 - Nessy Cyrodiil: THATS WHAT SHE SSSAAAID

TC Simba: The worst thing that has happened to me at LAN is that someone caressed my nipples

[17:48:56] (Channel) Fenix: http://myanimelist.net/anime/12997/Please_Rape_Me!

[23:20:58] (Channel) Gideon: u converted me haiku
[23:21:08] (Channel) Gideon: I now only masturbate to ladyboys and tentacles
[23:21:14] (Channel) Gideon: :Z

TC Mikau: can you guys like pay for me to come to LAN, I can come and be a cheerleader and cheer you on like.

23:53 - haiku ✧: I sure do like penetration

Mia : Are we just gonna sit here and wank?

I'm Hard and Incharge : siren my mom wors at tf2 she'll ban your account
Siren's Song : Okay :c

Giddy : WHy is my screen brown, have you taken a shit all over me?
Mikau : No, and I hope it never happens.
Giddy : Oh' i'll take that off my list then.

TC Moist | ETF2L.org : Why would I need birth control pills, i've got a condom on my head.

TC Foot : Delete all the beggars porn you have, I can imagine you just jacking off to all that shit.

TC Cheese : What if the dick is just a big clitoris?

22:48 - TC VoidTrinity. (:: I sound like such a sucker lmao
22:48 - Smissmass Otter💕: nooo
22:48 - Smissmass Otter💕: you are inlove you bum
22:50 - TC VoidTrinity. (:: imma bum x)

Nessy Cyrodiil : I was going to fuck you, but you just got buttfucked.

11:59 - Starshot =) LFT HL: I swear, when I see a fucking huge spider
11:59 - Nessy Cyrodiil's Pet Dragon: you run away
11:59 - Starshot =) LFT HL: My spine curls up and I look like a vegetable.

11:07 - TC VoidTrinity. (:: nice keys ;)
11:08 - frame: Buying an unu
11:09 - frame: What am gonna pay in? Sex?
11:09 - TC VoidTrinity. (:: thhat could work, if you're willing to give a guy a bj
11:09 - TC VoidTrinity. (:: but I don't think that's a very good idea
11:09 - frame: :(

Munky : I can't remember asian people's names, honestly...

8:44 AM - my beautiful rosebud ❀: I went to sleep early yesterday
8:44 AM - Bubbah🐾: How early?
8:44 AM - my beautiful rosebud ❀: like 9pm or something
8:45 AM - my beautiful rosebud ❀: so, I got enough sleep ^w^
8:46 AM - Bubbah🐾: Still D:
8:47 AM - Bubbah🐾: Go later and wake up later
8:47 AM - my beautiful rosebud ❀: ok mum cx
8:48 AM - Bubbah🐾: Good!!
8:49 AM - my beautiful rosebud ❀: Anything else you want to tell me, mum? xP
8:49 AM - Bubbah🐾: Put on your clothes...

2:51 AM - UGC haiku ✧: http://catgirlcare.org/

10:08 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: np bae
10:08 PM - VoidTrinity. (: #herlipsmmmm: bae? x)
10:09 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: yes we are married now
10:09 PM - VoidTrinity. (: #herlipsmmmm: what about celine?
10:10 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: she can be our pet

6:56 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: inb4 "voids used condom" rename
6:56 PM - VoidTrinity. (: #holidayplanning: xD
6:57 PM - VoidTrinity. (: #holidayplanning: OH GOD
6:57 PM - VoidTrinity. (: #holidayplanning: IT'S PAINTED WHITE AS WELL
6:57 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: 8)
6:58 PM - corrsinT ♉ ∞ ♐: exactly

6:51 PM - Nessy Cyrodiil: plz
6:52 PM - Nessy Cyrodiil: YOU FORGOOOT
6:52 PM - Nessy Cyrodiil: everytime with you feel like shit

12:54 AM - taste of your cherry chapstick: http://i.imgur.com/UruXNHk.mp4
12:54 AM - taste of your cherry chapstick: wat
12:55 AM - corrsinT: Whats with that long one elegiggle
12:56 AM - taste of your cherry chapstick: yours Kappa
12:56 AM - corrsinT: No urs

PortaL : fuck this game, and fuck that cheater
PortaL left the game (Disconnect by user.)

13:27 - corrsinT LFT fun cup: i'll fuck you tonight

CorrsinT: void, void, void.. i'll milk you.

19:48 - :( has changed their name to dum røv?.
19:49 - corrsinT lft etf2l: nej!!!!!
19:49 - corrsinT lft etf2l: " jeg er en derpy røv "
19:49 - dum røv? has changed their name to jeg er en derpy røv.
19:49 - corrsinT lft etf2l: god dreng
19:50 - jeg er en derpy røv: tak pige
19:53 - jeg er en derpy røv: osgå... "GOD DRENG"?? Du er mig mum?
19:53 - corrsinT lft etf2l: ja

18:05 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: wtf is this netflix password man
18:08 - VoidTrinity ♥: idk
18:09 - VoidTrinity ♥: Arent passwords supposed to be random
18:09 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: idk
18:09 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: this gay shit doesnt have the newest seasons ffs
18:10 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: season 4 of my serie is coming out in march, they haven't even added season 3 yet
18:10 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: what?
18:10 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: changed what?
18:11 - VoidTrinity ♥: http://i.imgur.com/WwVj5yu.jpg
18:11 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: .......i have nothin gto do with that AHAHHA
18:12 - VoidTrinity ♥: jesus christ
18:12 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: LOL
18:12 - VoidTrinity ♥: TENNAAAAAAAAAAAA
18:12 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: jk
18:13 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: honhonhon
18:13 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: i did it sunday last week
18:13 - nomin8 LIS 4best emotional game: i've been waiting ever since ;_;

CorrsinT : I love Hitler

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