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funny shit
RGNMCSXPRT: age is just a number anyways who cares
a very smart man once told me you know she's right if she's half your age
Vanguard: who was this smart man
Subway Jared?
RGNMCSXPRT: idk he didn't speak english very well
kept telling me about this allah bullshit
Vanguard: Oh, so he must know what he's talking about
RGNMCSXPRT: yeah yeah
he had this woman dressed up like a ghost that was pretty cool
Vanguard: I saw one cosplaying a black letterbox once
RGNMCSXPRT: one time I couldn't tell them apart from the bags of trash on the street
Vanguard: urban camouflage

FURRYKINGFAVI: Why is almost everybody online depressed, suicidal, or just a fucking prick.
like what. -_-
vito: anonymity
The Eternal Vanguard: ^

The Eternal Vanguard: i just can't wait for computers that can make me dinner and hot robot sex slaves tbh
vito: I can't wait for hitler 2.0 to take over the world and make socialism work
The Eternal Vanguard: lol
hitler the socialist
vito: national socialist

The Eternal Vanguard: I don't know how to appeal to girls, though
vito: do what you're doing now obviously
FURRYKINGFAVI: I guess you naturally do
or something
The Eternal Vanguard: you're getting pretty gay on me, guys
vito: you're fat
The Eternal Vanguard: that's more like it

vito: there is so much fucking snow outside jesus
The Eternal Vanguard: i wonder if we'll get some
vito: Image []
The Eternal Vanguard: oh woah
vito: and it's still going
proof that global warming is not exist :)))
The Eternal Vanguard: yeah, because you see
global warming makes the seasons disappear
and pulls the earth closer to the sun
vito: actually your mom does that
The Eternal Vanguard: :(

vito: get me white paint pls
The Perfect Soldier: no
vito: come on I'll give you 7 ref
The Perfect Soldier: buy me a strange team captain
vito: >implying
The Perfect Soldier: nein du
vito: not a single one in existance
The Perfect Soldier: exactly

vito: do you want to hear a joke
The Perfect Soldier: I feel it wont be funny
The Perfect Soldier: But go ahead I guess
vito: demoman take skill
The Perfect Soldier: nvm
The Perfect Soldier: that was funny

Claw double s: 13 days until Trump is officially president :star:️
vito: 13 days until your mum not gay
Claw double s: Yay
Make America Straight Again
The Eternal Vanguard: lmao

Hannah: fat
vito: gay
Hannah: ur gay

Cosby: join my game
vito: y
Cosby: bcuz u hav 2
vito: ok I'll open tf2
vito is now playing Overwatch

[vanny the tranny]
vito: found your real account
Vanguard: delet it
vito: no u
Vanguard: yes u
vito: nichts da
Vanguard: delet this or I won't talk to you anymore
vito: friccin moron

vito: Image []
vito: jesus that picture is like 3 pixels
Vanguard: TF2 Mania
Vanguard: taking TF2 back to it's roots
Vanguard: have fun with 15 year old software technology at full price
vito: kek

vito: I sexually identify as a Sonic the Hedgehog game cartridge for the SEGA Genesis.
carter: do you have black hole durability?
vito: nope.avi

vito: "Donald Trump's song that he released after proudly losing 15 pounds on the campaign trail."
vito: 15 pounds
vito: wow
vito: amazing
carter: so he's currently 385 pounds
carter: what an accomplishment

vito: I'll give you a coupon in steam if you get me $10 worth of refined metal it's good deal man
carter: no
vito: y
carter: deal no good
vito: :(
carter: how about you give me overwatch on steam and i send you a stock image of an egg in return
carter: very good deal
vito: overwatch is $40 and isn't on steam
carter: oh

vito: Image []
carter: I have my cutterbot 9000 ready to kill all normies
vito: >:O

Carnelian: ok bro
The Eternal Vanguard: hype?
What for
Carnelian: Do I need a reason to be hyped ;)
The Eternal Vanguard: yeah
vito: everyone get HYPED for the dust particle about to fly accross my room! 👌🔥
The Eternal Vanguard: no

vito: subscribe to the eternal vanguard
The Eternal Vanguard: I can't, YouTube won't let me
vito: that's gay
The Eternal Vanguard: I know

vito: smoking weed in the white house prank gone wrong in the hood
vito: 2 million views later
PresidentButterPudding: "in the white house"
PresidentButterPudding: "in the hood"
vito: ;)

vito: "Vaping May Increase Risk Of Heart Disease, New Study Reveals"
"Vaping is becoming more popular among teens and those who are seeking an alternative to tobacco smoking. It is a popular belief that vaping is harmless however new studies suggest otherwise."
vito: see I told oyu bda
The Eternal Vanguard: i never said it was harmless
The Eternal Vanguard: it's still weird chemicals being difused into your bloodstream
vito: I sent that as a spicy meme I'll have you know
vito: there's about as much evidence of vape bad as people who worship a triangle as their lord and saviour
The Eternal Vanguard: or people with 10k subs who think the world is flat
vito: there's actually a lot of dumbasses who think the world is flat
vito: so that analogy falls
vito: flat
The Eternal Vanguard: lmao

vito: buy me csgo
XenobladeZion: y
XenobladeZion: it sucks dick
vito: because
vito: buy me csgo

vito: make a 10:01 long video explaining to your 2 subscribers why you're making a video about somebody telling you to make a video called "why I'm making this video" while watching it's everyday bro in the background but every time they say something stupid you get asked to make a video about why you're making a video about somebody telling you to make a video called "why I'm making this video" while watching it's everyday bro in the background
Vanguard: no
vito: understandable have a great day

Ant: I killed myself am I cool?
ビトー 「神」: yes
Yami_Chin: no
ビトー 「神」: don't listen to him, he's still alive
Yami_Chin: I've dead for years vito
Yami_Chin: I was always a hero

ビトー 「神」: ℹ️ Type "!help" to view a list of commands!
Vanguard: !help
ビトー 「神」: !die - allows you to embrace the sweet release of death
ビトー 「神」: congratulations! you have succesfully become an hero!
Ryan_ pinned a message to this channel
Ryan_: #AN HERO

ビトー 「神」: sick meme
sent to irl friend
put on profile
shared on instagram
Yami_Chin: The president of canada has declared war on it
ビトー 「神」: trump gonna pay for it

john: I've always been cool
Duneslaya: People who call themselves cool is instantly not cool
vito: the phrase "fuck off john" has always been cool since the term was derived
virgin: ikr
vito: since it's just always so appropriate in every situation
john: Vito pipe down irrelevant fuck duneslayer ur a fucking nerd and I'm cool
vito: fuck off john

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