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Don't add me, k? (Thanks to the 4 of you who will read this)

jun0 (Twitch): Vis with the insane movement man..
jun0 (Chat) : retarded movement i can't hit

Olgha : you have really dumb move
Olgha : I need to learn how to move like that too

kn : hes like a ghost i canty fucking hit him

wargasm : theres something with your movement and my ping

dd (Twitch) : I can't hit him

Rwzy: the way you move is a mystery

m0e : your moves dude
m0e : never seen that

kn : why do I feel like all my rockets are going through you?
kn : you are so hard to airshot

Competitive experience

1. ETF2L 6v6 Season 24 - Medic
2. ETF2L 6v6 Season 25 - Scout, Medic
3. ETF2L 6v6 Season 26 - Medic - Sub
4. ETF2L 6v6 Season 27 - Medic - Sub
5. ETF2L 6v6 Season 28 - Roamer

1. The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament - 1st Place
2. Snack's Summery Ultiduo Siesta - 1st Place
3. HealsForReals Ultiduo Tournament EU - 1st Place
4. TFCL NA Ultiduo Tournament S4 - 2nd place (150 ping champ)
5. TFCL NA Ultiduo Tournament S3 - 2nd Place (140 ping champ)
6. TFCL NA Ultiduo Tournament S2 - 3rd Place (High ping, you get it)
7. ETF2L Ultiduo Cup #6 - 3rd Place
8. Snack's Summery Ultiduo Siests II - 3rd Place

Adrenaline Gamer

1. Hardstyle vs v!$ : 5 - 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObdNz6RtOg0
2. v!$ vs HR | Alex : 20 - 15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECNqu2xsbhE
3. Rammy vs v!$ : 7 - 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbjVbJj5HYs

Team: -illmnt-
1. I don't remember, maybe 3rd or 4th in EHLL

wargasm_2000: http://logs.tf/1692235
wargasm_2000: Look at the crusaders crossbow accuracy
wargasm_2000: Show me a log where your accuracy is higher than that
V!s: I've got better lol
wargasm_2000: Prove
V!s: http://logs.tf/1704692
V!s: get on my level kiddo
wargasm_2000 is now Offline.

V!s: Are you going to play in a next ulti tourney ?
SynciNG: I have to let people win aswell

yksin: when u dodge in ulti
yksin: https://youtu.be/hJ4T4OtcfWI?t=237
V!s: so accurate lmao

SynciNG: Hello i'm gay

wargasm: Idk dudee
wargasm: L
wargasm: By y ask this
V!s: Are you drunk lol?
wargasm: No qtf u asyaong lol
V!s: I don't know chinese fammo
wargasm: Um not chonese
wargasm: Stop talking ng ahit
V!s: hit the right keys please
wargasm: Stfu u moren

V!s: Considering how much you ignore friends requests..
V!s: it took me ages to add you
SynciNG: I regret accepting now
SynciNG: lol

SynciNG: Work on your memes
V!s: I did not emphasise on the memes
V!s: if i did i would include you

V!s: your memes are dead
SynciNG: You will be the one dead if you criticise my memes.

AUTOKRAB: nah u are god
AUTOKRAB: good*)
AUTOKRAB: not god

SynciNG: Yeah but I always edit while editing

wargasm: http://logs.tf/1879652 look at ur dpm
V!s: 180 is high
wargasm: 999 is higher
wargasm: hence why i am 5.55 times better than you

V!s: Being gay is not a bad thing.
SynciNG is now Offline.

You will most likely meet me in Ultiduo matches playing with arrows. I'm editing for NISLT (siN), as you most probably know. I also have a youtube channel, you can check it out near my name above. I.. can say Im working with SFM, not animating tho (I'm also not very experienced so don't rely on me for that). If you want to donate (not like Im someone special haha), just contact me :D.

Hall of FAME

Apparently me and wargasm were cheating in Ultiduo Cup #6:

Aoshi | ETF2L.org : Got some ppl claiming you guys were cheating so might as well have it checked out
V!s : JackyLegs, right?
Aoshi | ETF2L.org : not just him
Aoshi | ETF2L.org : Which is why I didn't contact you regarding prizes yet :D


Ultiduo round of 32:

wargasm_2000 Vladdy : i beat prem sol :D
JackyLegs : nice alt?
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : me ?
V!s : LOL
V!s : he is not on alt
JackyLegs : no idea
JackyLegs : nice shotgun tho
JackyLegs : 100% legit ;)
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : thanks
JackyLegs : lol
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : i have demo
JackyLegs : sure
JackyLegs left the game (Disconnect by user.)


My ultiduo experience:

Olgha : it's destroying my nerves so hard
Olgha : all of you v!s
Olgha : at another level for real
holak : vis carry
Olgha : it's becoming frustrating

Sidular! : How are you constantly beating all the NA teams... That's insane

Puppy21: do you hack or something? you never miss arrows with 139 ping
V!s: New cheats every day

umbra : cause of my k;d i consider a win for me


apocalypse : hah medic cary solly
apocalypse : nice
apocalypse : vis carry so hard
pantani : lmao
apocalypse : vis omg
apocalypse : pantani lmao medic carry u
apocalypse : v1s stop carry please

Morrow ᕕ : i like how juno carries you xD


---Just killed him---
*DEAD* ult1mate : ur a bit cocky for being a nobody
ult1mate : nigga
ult1mate : protect ur swamp
*DEAD* ult1mate : lmao vis u get carried by ur sollies
ult1mate : like ur trash
V!s : Always
ult1mate : carried by 3k elo
ult1mate : ur shit
ult1mate : i notied that
V!s : What have u achieved for 6000 hours?
ult1mate : being a god
ult1mate : unlike u
ult1mate : wll done
ult1mate : good arrows
ult1mate : imagine if he had
ult1mate : a good med
ult1mate : howeasy this woud be
V!s : Why do u think ur good
ult1mate : cause i am
V!s : Everybody says otherwise
ult1mate : LO
*DEAD* ult1mate : like who
ult1mate : ur 1 friend?
ult1mate : oh look u won with an mge lord
ult1mate : well done
ult1mate left the game (Disconnect by user.)

K→daz: I can't handle rb7
V!s: Why ? I like it so much
V!s: Am I the only one who enjoys it lol?
K→daz: yes

(Twitch, Snack casting grand finals)

Snack: Tonight we have ultiduo legends... except for maybe vis. But he is still good, since he came to grand finals after all.
Snack: Vis is one of the most pasta brain medics i have ever met

+Accused of cheating from premiership players

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V!s 6 hours ago 
I really like people that talk without having a faint knowledge about what they are even saying.
Wlohis90 6 hours ago 
im not salty im sad for those who have got insulted by you
V!s 7 hours ago 
Who is the salty one here if you still comment on my profile years after I last played or talked with you ... Kappa
Wlohis90 7 hours ago 
v!s what i know you are a salty person who insults everyone first I know atleast 40 people who "HATE" you...
V!s 18 hours ago 
You say otherwise on streams' chats.. Kappa
are you calling not running straight at you while you were just standing inside the house and shotgunning me from afar playing "cheap", i remember i used to think ur good, you've went so low....