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Hello, Welcome to my profile, Here i am contributing interest in playing video games and doing other stuff, What i can find interest in.

You will probably see me in hl2rp frequently, dont expect me not to minge it.
I judge the servers by the quality and how it works, I do see what you do in the walls and I can read what you do behind it, don't make straight up bullshit to me i know what you did.

So do good.

What i have seen from bad servers:

Soo many servers like to make money off their admin powers right?

CCA.MPF.C17.JURY-i1.82396 has used '/StorageTakeTokens 40000.00'.

Edgy admins

[OOC] Jerald Roll: Then dont actually get that mad you edgelord?

[OOC] C08:i1.BIO-34594: How about you uh, yknow, shut the fuck up? because from what ive seen so far, you join servers, and just fucking question everyone, doing nothing and wasting everyones time, you are completely fucking trash, i dont even know why you try to do this.

Sea salt.

Disconnect: Grabbing peoples emails | Being a general minge | Next time dont fucking try to grab my email you hoe - Ruski.

Steam Messages.

DoubleD: cockroach whitelist
VerrockVλlve: YES

Solo_D: i love you
Solo_D: i love how your torso have an arm on each side
VerrockVλlve: what
VerrockVλlve: ok you're gay i get it
VerrockVλlve: now shut up

My favorite games

Garry's Mod
Dota 2
Resident evil 4
Tower Unite
Portal 2
Payday 2

My favourite modifacations

Lambda Wars
Transmissions Element 120

The forums i follow

Nebulous []
BlackMarketGaming []

Recent Activity

4,606 hrs on record
last played on Aug 18
6.6 hrs on record
last played on Aug 17
90 hrs on record
last played on Aug 17
Pluto Aug 11 @ 10:19pm 
Samuel Aug 11 @ 11:18am 
woah dude you got me with that fake ass view more info link, which includes a 'dance till' your dead' compilation. XDDDD...
Speedz Aug 11 @ 12:30am 
thanks for reminding him ohh and this is a public comment section u were using the wrong chat
Disconnect: Sorry, we do not accept minges on our server, you are one of them, take your fake I had no time to RP somewhere else and try to sell it to someone stupid. Minging is the reason, have fun finding some other community, paste this on your Steam profile, so you can have a nice memory of me banning you. ~Papa Willrick.
Alexai Jul 19 @ 2:57pm 
Do I know you?