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Favorite map : Pl_Upward
Favorite class : Medic/Heavy
Favorite Hat : Officer's Ushanka
Favorite Team : Blue
Favorite Unusual taunt Effect: Infernal Smoke
Favourite Unusual Effect: Disco Beat Down

Which is most satifying?
1. Headshotting a full charged medic
2. Trick-stabbing
3. Market-Gardening
4. Getting revenge on a domination
5. Kicking an annoying, hacker, squeker, scammer etc.
6. Making profit through a successful trade
7. Winning a spycrab or any other gamble
8. Getting a random crit, killing a whole swarm of players and then feeling the salt wave pour over you in chat and the ear-rape from the mic

Favourite Unusual Effects in Order:
1. Disco Beat Down
2. Star Storm Insomnia
3. Green Black Hole
4. Green/Purple Energy
5. Bonzo The All Gnawing
6. Death At Dusk
7. Nebula
8. Circling TF Logo
9. Arcana

Least Favourite Effects in Order:
1. Nuts and Bolts
2. Massed Flies
3. Orbiting Planets
4. Overclocked
5. Both Confetti's
6. Bubbling
7. Haunted Ghosts
8. Circling Peace Sign
9. Searing Plasma

Dream Set:
Lime painted Summer Shades
Lime painted heavy Tourism
2 name Tags
One Lime paint can

Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Hey There Friends! Welcome to Vergo's Profile & Info!
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My Backpack.tf! [backpack.tf] <- Check out my sweet items here!
My TF2 Outpost! [www.tf2outpost.com] <- Check out my current trades on a laggy as f*ck site here!
My Bazaar.tf! [bazaar.tf] <- Check my page on this deserted site here!
My Steamrep! [steamrep.com] <- Check my forever clean Steamrep here!

Admin of the Royal Canadian Patriotic Maple Militia group!
Owner/Admin of the Noble Amassment of Traders Group!
Donator on Backpack.tf!

Generous donater's whom I've Encountered on my trading journey!

http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vynloth <- Donated one refined during my Scrap2Unusual!
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198256569720/ <- Donated me 3 ref!
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198323393797/ <- Top donator w/ a hat, some cool skins and a strange! Thanks again for your extreme generosity!
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088553822/ <- Donated me 5 cosmetics. Extremely friendly and generous, best of wishes to you in the future and thank you very much!

My Brief Introduction!
Hello to you all! I'm an active tf2 trader but outside of that, I main Medic and Heavy. I love to chat and hang out with my friends on a classic game of tf2 which really is my escape from real life stress or problems. The one thing I hate more than anything else is rude people, and I guess I am an emtional person, but that honestly puts me in a bad mood.My end goal for tf2 is to ultimately learn most of the standard rollouts and as for trading, get 1000 keys.Thats it for my little intro and I wish you all a fantastic day!


1. Be polite :) Offers never hurt and are always wlecome, considering anything! Only thing is, don't waste my time with scams, sharks etc. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

2. This isn't really a rule but try to comment on my profile as to why you are adding me or respond quickly when I accept you. Unlike others, steam friend adds never bothers me, so send an offer, add me or comment because notifications are never ignored!

3. Don't offer on something that I have't listed for sale, unless you are ready to pay handsomely or perhaps I just forgot to put it on market

4. If you come to me for Middleman services or to broker, No fee is required! For now I wish to build my reputation so it can be done for free! Tips are appreciated as well :)

5. I quicksell items often. Price range is around 30 - 40% off so keep en eye out for those ;). If you wish to sell an item to me, please send an offer and provide me with some info on that item (Clean, paint, parts, spell, outdated, number in existence, number of other sellers etc.)

6. Paypal is not an option, Sorry almost 90% of them are scams.Wallet code is standard to go first and market trades require for you to pay the fee for tax!

7. I check steam everyday or almost every hour actually. Please do not hesitate to speak with me about issues, help, tips, trades, problems or anything! I love to talk!

8. I am always willing to negotiate, so a general tip/rule if I send you an offer or simply let you know and you disagree, please don't just say "No." Give me a valid reason as to why, because there is no way of getting a deal without communication. Counter it, or tell me what you prefer .

9. I occasionally offer free items, but this is on a good day or if I find you polite, friendly, or an overall great person. Do not however, beg! Beggars will result in a block!

10. 99% of the time, I do not accept tradebacks/refunds without a certain fee. If it was your mistake then of course I will send you the item back right away! I do not wish to profit in a decieving way.

11. You found your holy god! I do accept trade holds! I understand that you aren't able to get a phone and why should that stop you from trading? Come to me and I'll happily wait the damn 15 days that Valve introduced! (I may ask for addional adds, depending on the trade content)

12. A general thing to know, I prioritize pure and I count Aussies, Promos as pure as well! Unusual overpay around the 15% mark, and items at around 10% or less!

13. Now this is very important. I will buy any and all painted, parted, killstreaked, spelled etc. (Garbage stuff) for the original items value in pure.

Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
My Trading Serices Includes:
● Buying quicksells
● Scrap Banking
● Buying Backpacks (Whole or Portions)
● Middleman services
● Broker (Any items)

I am open to all offers and negotiations. Prices are never firm, I am always willing to accept friend requests to talk and will never flat out reject an offer without countering unless there is a reason to do so. Thank you all for making it down here and have a great day!

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last played on Apr 12
CLEANING OUT MY FRIENDSLIST! Those who I don't recognize or haven't spoken to in years will be removed. Feel free to add me back with reasoning, thanks!
Forgeim | trade.tf 12 hours ago 
r u willing to buy a morning glory bloke's bucket hat?
if so, how much are you going to pay for it
DeathCheater5000 I trade.tf May 27 @ 12:45am 
sent offer
Sain't May 24 @ 1:58am 
Added to discuss price for my Strange Big Chief Dead President (currently not in inventory, but I'll get it if price is right).
prez May 23 @ 12:11am 
Added to discuss buying multiple unusuals
unstopaBULL May 22 @ 6:35pm 
Hey man, interested in downgrading my skid lid to several cheap unusuals, any interest in it? 1/2 in existence, 1/1 on market, clean and effect is Stormy Storm. Thanks for your time, and have a good one!