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Hi, I'm a medic main. I heal things.

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[j_]bowchickawowwow Apr 1 @ 9:42pm 
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Smexxy(Dickbutt) Mar 20 @ 7:34pm 
love you bb
Smexxy(Dickbutt) Mar 20 @ 7:34pm 
we friend?
Smexxy(Dickbutt) Mar 20 @ 7:34pm 
its me
i love your work
ninjer_ Mar 12 @ 5:39pm 
I am a cunt? I don't know any of that, but, if it's a Duel you want, it's a Duel you'll get! I'll start by activating Pot of Greed. I draw 2 cards. Next, I play Graceful Charity! I draw 3 cards, then discard 2. I activate Card Destruction! We both discard our entire hand, then draw the same number of cards. I activate Monster Reborn! Revive Dark Magician! I activate Dark Magic Veil! Revive Dark Magician of Chaos! Dark Magician of Chaos activates. Add Pot of Greed to my hand. I activate it. Draw 2 cards. I play Premature Burial. Revive Dark Magician Girl. Sacrifice all 3 Monsters! Come forth, Slifer the Sky Dragon, with 4000 ATK!
v3lo Mar 12 @ 4:48pm 
y'all need jesus