ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t #NeedAHand
Hagglesworth   Australian Capital Territory, Australia

If you're adding me to keep on your friend's list. I would appreciate if
A) if we actually know each other
B) from the Backpack.tf community
C) from TheOutpost community

TF2) Oh god, why did I decide to only main Pyro 10 years & still underpowered in comp
Shovel Knight) I wish more game developers has passion as these guys
Rabi Ribi) Bought for the fan service, stayed for the actual game
Awesomenauts) Romino, I really want to like you guys but you keep zorking up every great opportunity. FIX your zorking matchmaking system & stop pairing me people who don't know how to play 80% when I solo queue
UnderTale) "teh fandom iz bad, ther4 ta geam is". Fandoms =/= How terrible something is.
YS Series) Now that's a JRPG series!
Crypt of the Necrodancer) I don't know how...Look, it just works!
Pokemon) Nintendo...Just buff the ones I use & nerf the ones I don't use, yeah?
Shantae) I need more girls with purple hair in my life.
Sonic Mania) Super hyped, super cucked from buying. Thanks SEGA for the DRM malware
Cuphead : Worth the weight ~ Gabe Newell

RAGEie: also i noticed that you got like 5 copies of skyrim. i just imagine you like f*cking got this game m8 you want a good r8 m8?
ĔлigмД.t✖t #I'mDiggingIt: Nah, I wanted it so I could pay for the mods

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Q: Do you have impersonators? If so, how do I know it's the real ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t
A: Because ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t doesn't have a basic b*tch profile Yeah, I have some. My customID is "Vanilluxe". Basically,
I don't use OPSkins, ask to verify your items or use middlemen
Profiles that link to this account are FAKES, just ignore'em
No sense to make alts to link back to the main that can 1:1 trades
Use rep.tf to check if someone's a scammer/impersonator

Q: Can I add you?
A: If it's for trading purpose, you'll get more of a response through trade offers. If you're adding me for trading reason, leave a comment & please try to be clear as possible.

Added to trade -> usually ignore
Added to quicksell you an unusual X -> I'll send you a trade offer
Added to ask you something about X -> Usually
Other category for adds are listed in the "View more info".

Q: Do you accept trades from anyone?
A: I don't accept trades from users with
TF2Outpost or SteamRep bans
High-tier items with very little playtime or newly made accounts
Private profiles/inventories
Consecutive negative Backpack.tf trust about scamming

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