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I Am RktMan, Devourer Of Souls

unskilled + p33t [imgur.com]

Thank you trisha for the G.E. Bombing Run & Escape Plan
Thank you p33t for the Planets Defiant Spartan & Original
Thank you michael for the Pyro stranges & brokering
Thank you Talon for the Caber

ESEA [play.esea.net]
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]

competitive history

Steel S7 - Domination Nation [www.ugcleague.com] (2-5)
Steel S8 - Adequate 4v [www.ugcleague.com] (2-4)
Silver S11 - Frantic. [www.ugcleague.com] (6-2) (3-0) (1st place)
Gold S12 - Planet of the Apes [www.ugcleague.com] (7-1) (3-0) (1st place)

Steel S19 - Imperial 6v6 [www.ugcleague.com] (2-3)
Steel S20 - Adequate [www.ugcleague.com] (4-4)
Steel S21 - Adequate [www.ugcleague.com] (3-4)
Platinum S23 - Bring Back The Funk [www.ugcleague.com] (sub) (4-4)
Open S23 - Checkmate E-Sports [play.esea.net] / CH3CK-M4T3-3-5P0RT5 [play.esea.net] / Drama Alert Nation [play.esea.net]
Open S24 - Farmers of le Roundtable [play.esea.net] (11-5) (0-1)
Open/Intermediate S25 - Space Helicopter [play.esea.net] (11-5) (0-1)
Open/Intermediate S26 - OMNI5 eSports [play.esea.net] (12-4) (1-1) (5th place)

Platinum S23 - Second Wind [www.ugcleague.com] (sub) (3-5)

my unused 6s team name ideas:
le b1g Open Check
W is the key to success
Feeding Frenzy
6 Randologists

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profile quotes
Hero | o5.unskilled: some records just weren't meant to be mine
o5.unskilled Broke Stage 16 Record 00:12.91 Rec. -00:00.01 Per. -00:00.08
Info | o5.unskilled finished Stage 16 with Rank 1/105!
Hero | o5.unskilled: nvm

12:29 AM - Slicerogue ring: if i was a girl med my pussy would be wet for okiewaka

Veteran | empire fell: I Want SomeOne To Look At Me The Way Trippa Looks At 15 Year Olds

9:40 PM - Mike: this pub is completely made up of pub players

Expert | Vecc: i saw two cute girls outside today while walking my dog and i almost fainted

fygg: i wish i was abortioned

[wbbl] dp2k : you only killed me cause I ran out of health

(Team) New | gorillason23: HOW DO YOU SERF

Expert | pokerpo: i have never been rude to anyone ever
Expert | pokerpo: shut the fuck up dumb cunt

"sometimes i feel like i'm the only person on this team who doesn't tilt" -fyg

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Santa-shoe Dec 15 @ 6:48am 
If your 👀👀reading😎 this 👈then your😰👤🤗 invited☑➡📩 to my ⚀⚁12th⚀⚁ birthday🎉 party!🎊 As you👉👤 all 👥know,💭 no 🙅fake🛇💯🛇 friends 👦👧allowed!!☡☡ I cant🚫 😲f@#%🤐 with you 👉(im not 🔞allowed➡ to 🔇curse😲🔇 because my👩 mom👩 will put ➡➡me in ⏰time⏱ out📵) We👌 r 🎉going😂👌 to turn🔊📣📻 up⤴⤴!! Only bring 🚶your 🎖A-game 🏅, becuz you 👉will be❎ kicked🚷 the H E 🏒🏒double hockey 🏒🏒sticks out➡ if youre 😷not partying🎉 😲hard 👅🍆💯enough!!💯 If your 😣not😣❎ ready to get 😵drunk
lelouch in tf2 xd Nov 22 @ 3:42am 
Legend | Laure ♡: if uns was still the best he'd come on here and beat all the times i took from him
o5.wolsne Oct 24 @ 11:45pm 
Signed by wolsne
lelouch in tf2 xd Sep 14 @ 12:27am 
i hate bhop an incredible amount
lelouch in tf2 xd Sep 8 @ 11:10pm 
santa's warband Sep 7 @ 2:24pm 
hpapy brithdya