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Michael   Toledo, Ohio, United States
I'm unskilled in more ways than one

unskilled + p33t [imgur.com]

Thank you trisha for the G.E. Bombing Run & Escape Plan
Thank you p33t for the Planets Defiant Spartan & Original
Thank you michael for the Pyro stranges & brokering
Thank you Talon for the Caber

ESEA [play.esea.net]
UGC [www.ugcleague.com]

competitive history
UGC 6s Steel S19 - Imperial 6v6 (2-3)
UGC 4s Steel S7 - Domination Nation (?)
UGC 6s Steel S20 - Adequate (4-4)
UGC 4s Steel S8 - Adequate 4v (?)
ESEA Open S23 - Checkmate E-Sports / CH3CK-M4T3-3-5P0RT5 / Drama Alert Nation
ESEA Open S24 - Farmers of le Roundtable (11-5) (0-1)
UGC 6s Platinum S23 - Bring Back The Funk (sub) (4-4)
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s•a | Ness May 13 @ 11:29am 
Hello! If you get this message, I am currently offline due to me moving into a place! So, remove me if you must, but please be patient! Don't worry! I should be back online by June!
Talon May 6 @ 3:17am 
he was an hero
tepi May 5 @ 8:04pm 
a true her0
武士 | hyon May 4 @ 7:21am 
Can a food become a sandwich simply by calling itself a sandwich? Does an open-faced sandwich constitute a sandwich, despite the lack of sandwiching employed in its construction? If so, is bruschetta a sandwich? Buttered toast? Pizza?

What if you fold the pizza in half? Must the unifying exterior item be split in two in order to constitute a sandwich? Is a hot dog a sandwich? A submarine roll split in the middle, but with a hinge still hanging on? Is an omelete a sandwich?

A note on methodology: Is it necessary to consume the sandwich with one's own two hands? If one were to douse a sandwich in gravy, would it neutralize the sandwich, converting it into nothing more than a bread-based entree?

If we'll accept a hinge in a sandwich, what about a filling that's encased on two sides? On all sides? Is a kolache a sandwich? A pasty? A corn dog? A calzone? An egg roll? A dumpling? A pop tart? Is a wrap a sandwich?

Is a burrito a sandwich?
naomi Apr 17 @ 1:00pm 
toxic gamer