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If you send me a Trade Offer, you will get a much faster response from me than if you send me a friend request.
If you do decide to add me, please comment on my profile with the reason as to why. There are a lot of people who add me, so this will assure you that I see your request. If you don't leave a comment, your request will be ignored.

Also, I do not trade with anyone that has the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator turned off, cause I'm not keen on waiting for my items.

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Not buying Trading Cards anymore.
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This is my Dream Scout Set, I'm looking for offers on it.
B/O = 850 Keys Pure / 1000+ Keys in Unusuals.

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💨 Click Here To See My Backpack [backpack.tf]
💨 Click Here To See My TF2 Outpost Trades [www.tf2outpost.com]
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Welcome To My Profile!

Hey there, I am UndeadBreezze, and I'm a Team Fortress 2 trader. I've been trading for 3 years now and will continue to do so. I've made plenty of mistakes in my trading career and have learnt a great deal from them. In fact, they have brought me up to where I am now. That's the best way to learn, make mistakes. If you want to trade with me, instead of adding me, send me a Trade Offer. Then I can either directly accept it, send you a Counter-Offer or decline it, instead of wasting a lot of time negotiating / talking.

Rules When Trading With Me

🌀 All trades made with me are final. So do not come to me asking for a refund, because you will not get one.

🌀 Do not even bother trying to scam or phish me, I know all of the methods. You will only earn yourself a block and a report, so please spare your energy.

🌀 Do not even bother adding me if your profile is either level 0, has no recent game time, or is private. You will be blocked and reported.

🌀 If you are overpaying to one of my items; any Paint, Parts or Spells applied to the item you are offering have zero value to me. Don't try to convince me they have, cause I will just decline and remove you.

🌀 I only trade with Team Fortress 2 items, so don't bother offering items from other games.

🌀 Don't come to me asking for free items, I'm not Santa. You'll earn yourself an instant block if you do.

🌀 Have a good one and enjoy trading!

Reasons To Trust Me // How To Know It's Me

◼️ I have a Level 125 Steam Account.
◼️ I have made over 7000 Trades.
◼️ I have a Team Fortress 2 Backpack worth $4000+.
◼️ I have over 200 "+rep" comments on my profile.
◼️ I have over 2000 Hours played on Team Fortress 2.
◼️ I have been on Steam since October, 2011.
◼️ I have been trading since November, 2013.

◼️ My SteamRep Profile. [steamrep.com]


☑ 1000+ Hours played on Team Fortress 2
☐ 2500+ Hours played on Team Fortress 2
☑ 1000+ Trades made
☑ 2500+ Trades made
☐ 10000+ Trades made
☑ Own a 100+ Key Unusual
☑ Own a 250+ Key Unusual
☑ Own a 500+ Key Unusual
☐ Own a 1000+ Key Unusual
☐ Own a 2500+ Key Unusual
☐ Own a 5000+ Key Unusual
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AdamHOFF QS>2UNUSUALS 10 hours ago 
Hi i want to sell my unusuals
Banana Boy Jun 27 @ 2:28pm 
Hi apologies for the random add. Sent you a trade offer yesterday and was keen to seek some feedback if i could improve my offer.
SillyBilly GotScammedAgain Jun 22 @ 2:47am 
Interested in unusual trading with u
Bunny Jun 16 @ 3:32pm 
Would like to buy your green energy bloke for my circling peace sign le party phamtom :)
Marvuu Jun 16 @ 9:49am 
Hello!, Does your bot buy unusuals? Because I need a way to sell my unu and I was wondering if your bot buys unusuals?
UndeadBreezze Jun 15 @ 8:29am 
@MoonBeara I don't have it anymore.