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12:57 PM - potato (1): i play with my stuffed rabbit a lot
12:57 PM - potato (1): but his neck is broken
12:57 PM - potato (1): so his fluffing
12:57 PM - potato (1): is all over
12:57 PM - potato (1): my room now

Widmo: *teleports behind you*
Widmo: nothing personnel kid
UnPHOgettable: *detonates fire magic traps behind me*
UnPHOgettable: *scoffs*
UnPHOgettable: heh
UnPHOgettable: ameuter
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MineMainiac Jul 12 @ 12:14am 
The life span and sex change of Timmy Turner
we all know Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents and how he's a cute little boy, but annoying as fuck and dumb as a rock. but here's the fun part - if we follow his voice actor (who's actually a woman, shock and awe- her name is Tara Strong and she's pretty bad ass) through her progressive roles, it's like watching Timmy grow up after the Fairly Odd Parents was canned ... So in his teenage years, Timmy realized he would never outgrow his little girl's voice and realized there must have been a reason for why he always wore so much pink - he was a girl trapped in a boy's body. So one wish for a sex change later and POOF!
We have Timmy as the pretty pretty princess he always wanted to be! (Princess Clara from Drawn Together) But as Timmy got older, and started liking more and more boys, he/she became a bit of a skank ... and then there was college ...
MineMainiac Jul 12 @ 12:14am 
One hair bleach and Victoria's Secret run later, we have foxy young lady Timmy ready to partay with the boys! Look out Chester and A.J.! RrrrraaAAAAAAaaarrr! (Rikku from Final Fantasy X and X2) But, none of us, not even a cartoon character, can resist aging. As Timmy's bones shrank, and eyesight worsened, he was transformed into a little old fairy lady.
And thus we see what Timmy has become. Reduced to his/her original height, he/she now lives with his/her blue Indian husband, Mung Dahl, and a cast of adorable comical little creatures on the Cartoon Network Show, Chowder. p.s. - Mung Dahl doesn't know his wife of 495 years, "Truffles", as Timmy now likes to be called, was a dude ...
mumms the word!
MineMainiac Jul 10 @ 7:28pm 
I don't want to watch generic porn where you suck a dick, lick the pussy, have vaginal sex, and then cum on the face.. Oh my god, that's the most boring shit I've ever heard. If you still jack off to that, I feel sorry for you.
StormdaBleach Mar 15 @ 5:37am 
-rep got me into vietnamese cartoons
Fallen Lord Feb 21 @ 8:34am 
MineMainiac Jan 4 @ 3:38pm 
It's tough, man... I've been trying to cope with this for a while since Season 2. I was 5 points away from Platinum, and in the game I was calling flankers and one of my teammates starts making fun of my voice.
I'm gay and I guess I'm kinda feminine sounding too, and this guy starts calling me a faggot over team chat. Then a few other teammates start laughing. It suddenly reminded me of all the times I was verbally and physically bullied growing up, and it basically made me shut down since that's how I coped when I was young.. Went from 2495 to 2100 in S2 since I was just really scared about using voice com ever since...
S3, now I only say something at the very end of the match like "Nice job" or "Good try, everyone" before I quickly leave. I know it's fucking things up because I always play support and I'm not calling out over voice when I see flankers or need help or want to call ults. But I'm just genuinely nervous about having my whole team pile on me with homophobia again...