Reko   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
A gamer-scientist hybrid from Finland, I'm a budding space physicist who's enthusiastic about games. I take a habit of writing reviews of games I finish.

Oh, moar info!

I started my gaming "career" with Game&Watch and when allowed, playing some stronger stuff like Commander Keen , Wolfenstein 3D and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure , and later the various classic NES games.

Warcraft II was the first game I ever bought with my pocket money. Little Big Adventure and all original XCOM games from the 90s were my childhood's great juice along with Worms and Mine Bombers and Heroes of Might and Magic series. Dragon Warrior IV was the motivation for me to learn English (please bring the series to Steam!).

Skipping ahead: Longest Journey , Civilization IV and Mass Effect have been the high-points of my adult gaming life (not any longer in the outskirts but in a city with a speedy Internet). Oh, I still find gems every now and then, but I can't consider them integral to myself just yet. Killing Floor needs a special mention being the one we first played (well, it's Awesomenauts now) with my awesome wife.

I also read (mostly sci-fi, fantasy and science stuff) and play pen&paper RPGs. My favourite rules system by far is Rolemaster. []

Here's various other things that I fancy to advertize, however miniscule they seem to a random bystander:

You can also find me on Twitch [], where I seldomly stream.

I'm also on Desura []. Though lately it looks like RIP that platform?

I write a blog [], albeit infrequently.

Finally, there's my Metagamerscore profile [], my Astats profile [] and True Steam Achievements profile [], if you care about such things. I identify as an achievement hunter.

I no longer trade games, because I wish to know the origin of my games. My gift games are for my friends.
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I nowadays play with disabled chat.

Achievement hunting

You can see me playing loads of different games, some of them perhaps good but many instead just casual and boring (e.g. clicker games) or plain-out weird (particularly some visual novels). I play all kinds of games (from easy to challenging) but I mostly concentrate on the ones that have achievements.

I seem to have an odd preference for more obscure games though.

My current long-term projects to complete are Idling to Rule the Gods and Death Rally.

Any games I complete I try to review in a thorough fashion. Which brings us to...


My curator page. If you enjoy my reviews, I'd really appreciate it if you joined the group and/or followed the curator.

I play a very diverse sorts of games and my aim is to produce a review every time I have either fully completed a game (preferably 100% achievements) or spent a massive amount of time with it.

I try to always provide an insightful review and while I'd like to make it fun and interesting to read, the main purpose is to tell you whether the game is fun or not and what makes it so.

I play both old and new games, and I particularly like platformers , puzzle games and turn-based or slow-paced strategy . I also like to play RPGs but I often fail to review them because I won't reach the end because of them being usually so long.

As an achievement hunter, I often review short or "easy" games (from artsy walking simulators to visual novels ), and in case I have 100% completed the game I make sure to provide an estimate for the gaming time you can expect to get out of the title.

My friends can watch my games freely for the moment. Have fun and please report any troubles or bugs.

Aims for 2017
This year I'd like to do at least the following (in parenthesis: start count):
- Write 50 more reviews (122)
- Amass 50 more perfect games (133)
However, my IRL aims are much more important and these goals must not come in their ways:
I've got science to do.

Friends' list
I think about 40% of my friends' list I know IRL and the rest are the flock who I like to call "random Internet people". Usually, I accept your friend request if your profile looks reasonable (public is a good start so I can make a call) AND we share at least a few games we commonly like.

However, I do like if you give a proper reason for the add request, e.g. in the comments or popping a greeting and introduction of some sort once you notice I've accepted it. Especially if your profile is set to private: this is purely because of their tendency to be bots. Also, if you mostly play CS (any iteration), it's unlikely we'll have much to talk about.

By the way: If you only want to see my reviews in your feed, you could also follow me or my curator instead of friending.
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Briefly: Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is a good tower defense / survival shooter hybrid. It's an updated version of this game.

Since Microsoft XNA got dumped, so did the devs of original YAZD dump it and adapt Unity. Hence, this remastered game. I'm going for comparisons review - if you wish to read my comprehensive review of the old game (going a bit more into detail), it's here.

What's new?

The game was built from ground up on Unity but it has all the same features of old YAZD and slightly more:

  • New enemy types
  • (in regards to above) Lot more challenging Survival mode
  • One new character model
  • Workshop support (promised but pending)
  • Slightly better graphics
  • A couple of more new amusing, challenging achievements to hunt

It frankly isn't much. It wasn't free upgrade either, but devs were kind enough to give out -75% coupons for previous purchasers.

Most exciting of the above were the new enemy types. The new enemies, like ghouls and hellhounds really freaked me up the first time they appeared, which is cool.

Modding (through Steam Workshop) might make it all the more exciting but it's not in the game yet, as of writing.

What's old?

Otherwise YAZD HD is the same fine top-down tactics shooter / defender as before but more challenging. Zombies get tougher faster, and new enemy types are really just alternative models with different (usually larger) health, damage and speed.

Co-op has been reworked, allowing three different modes of money-spending in the Survival mode. In YAZD only host could buy stuff, but this can be altered in the HD version.

The new challenge rating shows adequately: I beat the original YAZD achievements in 2.5 hours, while it took me over 5 hours to do the same in the HD remake right after seasoning myself in the original.


YAZD HD is still a good game. If you didn't play the original one, you should get this HD version instead, even if it's a bit pricier.
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+rep really talkstive and friendly good person as me, looks finland has great education a exemple for other countries,i hope we can be anyways great friends!
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Hey man give a look this amazing song - Finnish Army Song - "Muistoja Pohjolasta"
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Hello and thank you for accepting my friend request :), like you I play a huge variety of games