Reko   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
A gamer-scientist hybrid from Finland, I'm a budding space physicist who's enthusiastic about games. I take a habit of writing reviews of games I finish.

Oh, moar info!

I started my gaming "career" with Game&Watch and when allowed, playing some stronger stuff like Commander Keen , Wolfenstein 3D and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure , and later the various classic NES games.

Warcraft II was the first game I ever bought with my pocket money. Little Big Adventure and all original XCOM games from the 90s were my childhood's great juice along with Worms and Mine Bombers and Heroes of Might and Magic series. Dragon Warrior IV was the motivation for me to learn English (please bring the series to Steam!).

Skipping ahead: Longest Journey , Civilization IV and Mass Effect have been the high-points of my adult gaming life (not any longer in the outskirts but in a city with a speedy Internet). Oh, I still find gems every now and then, but I can't consider them integral to myself just yet. Killing Floor needs a special mention being the one we first played (well, it's Awesomenauts now) with my awesome wife.

I also read (mostly sci-fi, fantasy and science stuff) and play pen&paper RPGs. My favourite rules system by far is Rolemaster. []

Here's various other things that I fancy to advertize, however miniscule they seem to a random bystander:

You can also find me on Twitch [], where I seldomly stream.

I'm also on Desura []. Though lately it looks like RIP that platform?

I write a blog [], albeit infrequently.

Finally, there's my Metagamerscore profile [], my Astats profile [] and True Steam Achievements profile [], if you care about such things. I identify as an achievement hunter.

I no longer trade games, because I wish to know the origin of my games. My gift games are for my friends.
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I nowadays play with disabled chat.

Achievement hunting

You can see me playing loads of different games, some of them perhaps good but many instead just casual and boring (e.g. clicker games) or plain-out weird (particularly some visual novels). I play all kinds of games (from easy to challenging) but I mostly concentrate on the ones that have achievements.

I seem to have an odd preference for more obscure games though.

Any games I complete I try to review in a thorough fashion. Which brings us to...

Reviews to-be-done
Unfortunately this all is still true since fall 2016. My apologies.

I've been slacking about writing reviews so I have something to catch up. However, since the fall and courses at the uni started, I've been busy studying instead of writing reviews. There will be reviews rather randomly for now.

The below list has several games that I completed a while ago. While I wish to review them at some point, I keep newly finished games on higher priority. In that way it's roughly based on the principle of "last in, first served". Lately, it's just been growing and growing though.

I was on a trip and have a couple of reviews to type out of the games that I managed to beat.
Bloody Trapland
Last Days of Spring 2

I'll finish writing those before writing other reviews. The rest of the pending stuff is below, to be resumed after those two.

Near Death Surviving adventure game based in the Antarctica. Review next in-queue.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth Beautiful astronomer adventure simulator. Review after Near Death.

Missing Translation Free puzzle adventure. Review after OPUS.

4 Elements A casual match-N game. Review, uh, soon.

Party Hard Tactical massacre game (sounds kind of disturbing when I put it like that). Review hopefully soon after Missing Translation.

AdVenture Capitalist Idle money making game. Review soon, likely after Party Hard.

fault - milestone two:above A sci-fi fantasy novel. Review pretty much ready, but I'll read the story again before publishing it to be sure I remember it correctly, because it's already been a couple of months since I first read it. To be published...

Mooch I promised to review this nice little (puzzle? hard to explain with a theme category) game. Review once completed. There are a few in the queue right now.

Review next in-queue means that I plan to prepare a review on said title next. It's usually the very last one I've completed.

Review after X is the one I'd like to do afterwards but if I complete any games before that, the newly completed usually take precedence since it's easier and more reliable to write from fresh experience.

Here's my wall of shame, aka games I haven't reviewed yet despite beating them long ago. There might be a review of them some day, if I manage to clean up my current to-do list above.

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ
Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime
Reversion: The Escape and Reversion: The Meeting
Space Pilgrim Episode 1 - Alpha Centauri
Space Pilgrim Episode 2 - Epsilon Indi
Space Pilgrim Episode 3 - Delta Pavonis
Starlite: Astronaut Rescue
Valiant Hearts: The Great War

My friends can watch my games freely for the moment. Have fun and please report any troubles or bugs.

Aims for 2017
This year I'd like to do at least the following (in parenthesis: start count / count of new ones):
- Write 50 more reviews (122 / 1)
- Amass 50 more perfect games (133 / 7)
However, my IRL aims are much more important and these goals must not come in their ways:
I've got science to do.

Friends' list
I think about 40% of my friends' list I know IRL and the rest are the flock who I like to call "random Internet people". Usually, I accept your friend request if your profile looks reasonable (public is a good start so I can make a call) AND we share at least a few games we commonly like.

However, I do like if you give a proper reason for the add request, e.g. in the comments or popping a greeting and introduction of some sort once you notice I've accepted it. Especially if your profile is set to private: this is purely because of their tendency to be bots. Also, if you mostly play CS (any iteration), it's unlikely we'll have much to talk about.

By the way: If you only want to see my reviews in your feed, you could also follow me instead of friending.

Alphabetics/Digits challenge

I've made a challenge for myself: play and complete a game that starts with a letter of the English alphabet and digits 0-9, one for each character. My list of games I've chosen for this challenge can be seen in this discussion . The challenge has no time limit.

I'm currently at letter D. Potential ones I'd consider are currently D4 or Dying Light.

About my 2 weeks playtime
A couple of people have asked about this - currently, it is usually between 400 and 800 hours. That's more than hours in two weeks. Why's that? Well, it's because when AFK for a longer time, I leave a game or a couple idling to accumulate time or some in-game resource for an obscure, time-consuming achievement.

The idle games I'm currently playing are Clicker Heroes, Insanity Clicker, Idling to Rule the Gods, Idle Civilization and Shonen Idle Z. Especially when played all together they can rack up quite a large play-time.
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10.3 Hours played
Briefly: Germ Wars is a casual action game about being a white cell and killing bacteria and viruses by smashing into them.

The prospect of being the defender of your body against bacterial or viral invaders as a game is a sweet concept, used in such obscurities as Body Voyager (I'll be surprised if you've even heard of it) and of course the indie tower defense Defend Your Life . Germ Wars offers an action arena version, with no educational twists or even a storyline or lore at all.

Which works just fine for a game like this.

[h1]"Scientists have decided that headbutting viruses is the second most effective way of preventing infections."[/h1]

I love the above quote from the game. It is also highly relevant to the gameplay.

Playing as the white blood cell, your job is to kill all the germs you can find, either bashing them with yourself or by blasting something else (like red blood cells or other germs) into them. Simple and effective. Likewise, the germs harm you by bumping into you.

There are six enemy types: from viruses that seek and harass the white blood cell, to colorful bacteria whose abilities vary by their hue. Fast bacteria, exploding bacteria, hindering or poisoning bacteria, all the basic types are there. And the bacteria can grow, divide and thus multiply.

[h1]"Hear the lamentation of the microbiologists"[/h1]

Another silly quote from the tips. By the way, aren't you supposed to consume the germs instead of bashing them?

At first bashing and killing germs is very slow and ineffective. An upgrade system to the rescue! Killing germs you get "points", that can be used to upgrade white blood cell's speed, damage, health, blasting power etc. With each five or ten (i.e. max) upgrades to the same property, you gain special powers. These upgrades transform the game and let you progress further (i.e. kill more germs before you die).

Unfortunately the start is extremely slow, and it was grindy to get points for upgrades, since killing even a single germ is tedious without upgrades.

The game gets incredibly more fast-paced and consequently better as you progress in the upgrade paths, evolving as you try different things. Typically one game lasts a few minutes at the time.

For example, doing kill combos grants you more points and thus faster upgrades, and fights like that are more exciting and satisfying. The white blood cell has two special abilities: a powerbutt (a fast tackle) and a blast that, well, blasts around enemies, red blood cells etc. for remote damage. Your playstyle will change drastically when unlocking new upgrades and making these skills more powerful.

[h1]Under the skin: technical aspects[/h1]

The graphics, the interface of darkish red and purple flesh certainly doesn't look inviting or appetising. However, gameplay is quite fun and controls with keyboard work perfectly. They also implemented native controller support, though I didn't try that.

There are three cool songs that fit the casual action theme nicely, and you can switch between them in the menu.

The game is not without faults though. The worst is the peculiar way to calculate damage to the player. While bumping into enemies does damage, the player is usually also damaged as a result as the received damage depends "only on the speed of the enemy".

Sometimes you receive a tiny bit of damage and other times you may receive over half of your full, maximally upgraded health of damage by just bumping and blasting a germ away. Therefore, especially in the late game it's necessary to avoid contact altogether as enemies are moving faster, stagnating the action into managing health, dodging rampant viruses, and blasting occasionally in the hopes of injuring something.

I also ran into a bug that occurs because of my 1920x1080 (16:9) resolution: when fully zoomed out, enemies and objects on the outskirts of the screen will not be drawn. The developers are great though, as they have kindly promised to address this in a future patch. I'll update this once that happens.


For an extremely inexpensive game, I think there is more than enough content for my buck: I played Germ Wars for over 10 hours before collecting all achievements, and even if you don't care about those, it took me 8 hours to max my upgrades.

The start surely is slow but after that the game becomes fairly addictive: I thought I'd play it in short bursts but instead I usually ended up spending an hour or two in a row bashing viruses. So yeah, get it for a few hours of casual fun!
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