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Yes, you can pour nipples on your honey!
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Stupid Things
I hear you changing your lips - Karasu

<21:07:00> "Henrrik": HAS Noise in My House

<21:08:27> "Karasu": peanut has a tiny wen

Captain Tits: there are no girls in japan

<19:32:38> "Karasu": USE YOUR FUCK


Karasu: he did a song for fifty chadses of rfghea

No words that start with fuck channel - Karasu

Would you rather be taken in the mens causal area? - Dragon

Kaptain Karasu: everything is a fuck

"holy water is semen" - peanut

"then what is race" - peanut

"Rolling off the bed is my trigger" - Steyr

karsutm: shalom faggot

"oh crap i invited 2chains, hurry lets go" *Starts csgo game* - Karasu

Karasu : you fjckgin what you bitch I'll hav you fkcin know i worked for gorillas in the war

MilasButt: i will hurt my neck eating an ass

Karascha: best dong

<12:12:34> "Karasu": she's a fuckin

I dont know what people look like - karaschan

"Hes going to make suicide" - German

V has come to: then I looke dup and realized quiet was trying to sex at me

3:22 PM - Qarley: whats up my faggot
3:22 PM - Qarley: get food gaggot

Swank Luna: as long as you like pizza hut
A rather dapper elder gentleman: I prefer step-dad ricks, its not quite as good as papa johns but hes trying his best

I think im part ocean - Darquan

Sgt. Leeroy: murder boner
Sgt. Leeroy: but still boner

I dont dig assholes - Peanut

Jcbrev: i wanna titfuck you
Aviator Hylian: I want to titfuck myself

Jcbrev: I'd follow you if i had a twitter, but i dont
Peanut: I'd follow you if i had a van, but i dont
Karasu: id follow you if i had legs, but i dont

Vaginas dont have roast beef in it" - Stormi


[04:15 AM] seokjin: when your ass hangs out of your ass

love it when bitches are hydrated - Jcbrev

Raven: dont let the man hold u down

Baoster LiiT: grag zil makes my eyes pee

"Hang on, let me do a line of vape" - Jordan

"Oh its 9/11 make a wish" - Jordan

"I wan't dick" - Zack
"I got a lot of dick" - Jordan

"You gave yourself herpes?" - Jason

<01:13:28> "sad boi": peanut shw on the doll where luna ufcked yo uup

"How am I going to tell my boyfriend I'm gay?" - Jordan and Raven

"Raven": i've known myself since 1 month ago

Oh man I wonder if we will find that one thing to stop us from dying! - Angela
Anthrax? - Jordan


"Call me Clever Finger Hands" - Jordan

"We are now participating in beef" - Raven

"Like the Ocean, but on land" - Jordan
"The Ocean is on land..." - Angela

mrmadness: 12 is the opposite of 19

Steyr: How many people can you kill with your tit

"Your dick is 4 months longer than mine" - Jacob

"My brain is really high"

"Make them act like ur stupid" - Jose

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Sasuke Guchiha Jan 23 @ 6:01pm 
stupid cheating pos I hope your first born dies before you
CHAD! 無政府 Dec 27, 2016 @ 9:15pm 
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50 Flaps of Fat People Aug 28, 2016 @ 5:01pm 
What are you?
Jcbrev Jul 17, 2016 @ 12:46pm 
Subbed on youtube, amazing videos omg <3333
Carolina Jul 17, 2016 @ 1:03am 
It's pretty much straight if you're with a feminine twink. I'm heterosexual for example, but I spent 6 months last year dating a cute teenage boy.

>Hiking in the mountains together
>After several hours of a good pace we stop to rest for a moment
>Grab his hand and place it on my cock
>He unzips my jeans, and goes to town on me
>Gives me a killer 20 minute blowjob, then swallows every drop
>Lay down in the grass, then fall asleep as he gives me a back massage

No woman would ever do this shit here.

No homo.
Follow @Akeal_Senpai1212 Jun 2, 2016 @ 8:57pm 
You're funny