Metal Dragon
The name is Please, Bitch Please...   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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V V Fun Facts! Please read if you want to add me V V
1. I can't sleep much, 'cause sleep is the cousin of Death
2. I am not dating anyone at the moment.
3. I love all Adult Swim shows, ATHF, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost ETC.
4. I like Metal rock, but that's not the reason I'm Metal Dragon.
5. I'm am teh Pwnage bitches! (Bonus points for getting the reference)
6. I would take LSD over weed any day!
7. I'm dancing with myself! (If you know what I mean)
8. I look like a mix of Jim Morrison and Charles Manson
9. Steven Universe is cancer, and so is it's fan base!
10. I like Lolis
11. It's my Dick in a !!
12. I'm working on a web cartoon called Corn Chips
13. I will not add anyone below Level 10 unless I add you first
14. You must leave a comment for your reason of adding
15. I'm a dude, so fuck off you horning 15 year old little kid...
16. I will not add you if you're profile is private, you're not cool.
17. Today was a ood day.
18. I always need a beer
19. My frist kiss was at a concert, guess which band.
20. I will be more then happy to play Terraria with you
21. I'm the best Metal Dragon out there! So fuck those other chumps
22. Most of the time, I'm outside...
23. FNaF is a piece of shit, and if you like it then fuck you!
24. If you want to win my love, gift me Nuclear Throne
25. Sorry, I will not add anyone with a VAC ban.
26. Don't be a fagg0t
27. Pepsi Man is my favorite super hero!
28. My Twitter is @JoshTeeM, please give it a follow!
29. My super power is to grow weed for hair
30. My gamertag on XBL is Predat0r101, add me!
31. I kill SJW's before breakfist
32. If you like Undertale, that's cool w/ me, but if you roleplay as a character, just fuck off.
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Metal Dragon Jun 11 @ 4:14pm 
Just stop being a fag and leave a comment here already.
♥ Scratch ノ Feb 24 @ 3:43pm 
Please ignore my friend request ignoring, I didn't want to ignore you.
i don't listen 2 black metal nither , but i listen any type of metal but i think i like the most Deathcore or Deathmetal
If your name has "Metal" in it what type of metal do you like ?
Metal Dragon Dec 31, 2016 @ 5:54pm 
Vomy Jun 22, 2016 @ 7:09am 
+Rep good guy