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A step by step guide into transferring your current Steam background into a showcase to show its full glory.
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Ice Bear I 17 січ о 23:32 
hello. can you visit my account and tell me what is the problem with my account everytime i upload GIF and more is just appear to be half
T0PS1 #BLS 16 січ о 18:50 
؏ ム ろМЯУ ✪ <3 ؏ 15 січ о 5:33 

RAVΞN- 14 січ о 7:25 
can you trade DOTA 2 weather effects do reply or add thanks
♡Sneaky:P♡ 14 січ о 6:52 
Hello,Can you help me with my problem i want that Tiffany Maye profile background you make in Create Steam Background Showcases Group I tried what you said but I couldn't make it can you make one for me or send me a picture of it for You can check my profile and tell what i did wrong i can't make it long enough
T0PS1 #BLS 11 січ о 6:56