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A step by step guide into transferring your current Steam background into a showcase to show its full glory.
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helpme 16. Feb. um 13:54 Uhr 
by a question i mean multiple questions
helpme 16. Feb. um 13:54 Uhr 
Added because i have a question about
Your favorite racist white kid 13. Feb. um 13:56 Uhr 
add meh ;c halp
Λrchmeton 12. Feb. um 12:41 Uhr 
Roses are red
Violets a blue
I need a better verse
I need help of you

I dare you to make an alternative version of this one and post it on my profile! The 9 best alternatives get shown in my custom info box!

Good luck! I'll review them all exactly 24 hours from NOW!

Λrchmeton 7. Feb. um 12:44 Uhr 

Have a Lovely & Leveling Week!
Pagex ℂ⋆ 7. Feb. um 7:33 Uhr 
+Rep for steam.desing