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H1Z1: King of the Kill
Hi, my name is Lennart, also known as TrilluXe. I'm a CS:GO YouTuber and Streamer with an
English YouTube Channel that mainly focuses on Tutorials and Tips & Tricks Videos about CS:GO, whereas my German YouTube Channel rather focuses on Entertainment Videos.
I also stream on Twitch [] every other day!

If you want to donate something, you can use this link:


MMOGA [] - 3% Discount Code: TRILL

I am not able to sign any more profiles, because of the Steam Spam Protection, that only allows me to sign a couple of profiles a day. :(

Knife History:
= still own it
1) M9 Bayonet | Vanilla - 13.December.2013
2) Karambit | Urban Masked (FT) - 19.December.2013
3) Gut Knife | Crimson Web (FT)
4) Bayonet | Slaughter (FN) - 17.July.2014
5) Flip Knife | Case Hardened (BS)
6) Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened (BS)
7) StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Boreal Forest (WW)
8) ButterflyKnife | Urban Masked (FT)
9) Flip Knife | Tiger Tooth (FN) - 18.February.2015
10) Flip Knife | Doppler (FN)
11) Gut Knife | Damascus Steel (FT)
12) Gut Knife | Rust Coat (BS)
13) Flip Knife | Marble Fade (FN) - 23.December.2015
14) Bowie Knife | Fade (FN) - 27.February.2016
15) Bayonet | Doppler (FN) - 22.March.2016
16) Flip Knife | Rust Coat (BS) - 22.March.2016
17) M9 Bayonet | Doppler (FN) - 29.April.2016
18) Karambit | Doppler (FN) - 29.April.2016
19) StatTrak Bowie Knife | Vanilla - 04.June.2016
20) Bowie Knife | Safari Mesh (FT) - 04.June.2016
21) Flip Knife | Autotronic (FT) - 26.June.2016
22) Flip Knife | Black Laminate (FN) - 24.July.2016
23) Falchion Knife | Safari Mesh (MW) - 28.December.2016
Vitrine du Workshop
You are never too old to go out and do a little easter egg hunt!

I decompiled cs_militia and hid 15 easter eggs on the map that you have to find and 'collect' by presing the 'use' key on your keyboard. Upon finding an egg, you will hear a custom-made au
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Uvuvwevwevwe Il y a 15 minutes 
I really like your Videos! Keep working dude
Marco Il y a 35 minutes 
Hello , TrilluXe. I love your videos and your youtube channel , I subscribed you ages ago (lol) And I'm watching your videos everytime , They are very entertaining , your voice is cool, content is very interesting it means I Love you :D , can you sign my profile atleast or just reply or something like that, you will make my day..

dROWNLEX Il y a 36 minutes 
can u sign my profile?
✪ R U U D B O Y Il y a 1 heure 
can u sign my profile? :-)
✪ NaTH - iwnl Il y a 1 heure 
Sign my profile so my friends won't hate me <3
huh Il y a 1 heure 
can u tell me if my shadow dagger are worth ?