Tom   Riga, Latvia
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                          SteamBot Developer
                      Steam ID: U:1:229778121

Seeing my code be like
I once killed a wild pootis... He didn't see it comming...
Baby powder made out of babies? SIGN ME UP
If we show up, we gon’ show out
Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy
I'm sorry for everything, no everything I've done
You do not update bios unless you need to.
Also buy dual bios boards, they are more retard proof.
Doesn't matter who we are, doesn't matter if we've gone too far
back story on teleporters
When people tell me gibus is a hat []
How to drill a square hole
Best movie of all time (?)
TomYoki ☆ Beep Boop: Cowflake 2 has great prices!
Rainingmon: I know
Distance Transform []
Don't be this [] kid

Steam ID: U:1:229778121
Steam ID64: 76561198190043849
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Half-Life 2
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Yoki Trading Service - Public Group
Yoki Trading Service
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Here comes dat goat
That neato info box
                                 This is one of those fancy neato boxes? Kewl!
I wonder if anyone will ever read this. If you ever do type "SnufflePuffs" in comments so I know that people read this and to confuse the shit out of people who don't

                                                            Who am I!
I'm that one person who wants to become famous on teh interweb.

Who am I currently?
I'm owner of Yoki Trading Service, automated Trading Service based on bots.

What have I made?
I made "Cowflakes" in a nutshell those are trading bots, they buy and sell trading cards, hats & goodies for tf2 metals, as well as they post their items on

                                                    Personality info stuff
Soooo... Is this supposed to be that lame list or what?
Oh, well.

Personality Type Thingy
"While INFPs may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine."

IQ Level test thingy
105-125 (By EU Standarts 105, by interweb standarts 137)
Favorite subjects
Art, math, coding, design.

                                                    Relationship status

❌ Single
❌ Taken
✔ I'm a unicorn, I don't date hoomans

                                           For those who need code help

If you want a custom bot/feature add me.
I make fast quality bots,
and have a lot more experience than majority other bot creators on steam.

//Trade hold checker

offer.getUserDetails((err, me, them) => {
if(err) return console.log(err);

if(them.escrowDays > 0) {
console.log('Trade is in escrow. Declining.');
client.chatMessage(user, 'Trade is in escrow. Declining.');
declineOffer(offer); //Change to your offer decline function, or just do offer.decline(err) ...
//You might want to add 'return;' here

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TomYoki 4 hours ago 
What makes you think I refill it?
Pea Brake 6 hours ago 
Your cardbot requires refilling
[24/7]TokenBoi 6 hours ago 
needed help on getting item's tag :C
TomYoki Jun 23 @ 5:01pm 
Stop with your gay fantasies
TomYoki Jun 23 @ 5:00pm 
20:57 - TomYoki ☆ Arrays everywhere has changed their name to TomYoki.