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Welcome To Costco. I Love You

I main the mountain of shit in a gimp suit.
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It'll blow your fucking mind to the back of your skull.
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UGC Experience

HL Season 17 Iron - Colored Pills (3-2) Main Pyro
HL Season 18 Iron - BloodBath and Beyond (2-5) Main Pyro (This was a mistake)
HL Season 19 Iron - Seductive 9 (5-4) Main Pyro
HL Season 20 Steel - Seductive 9 (4-4) Main Pyro
HL Season 21 Steel - Seductive 9 (11-1) Main Pyro (1st Place)
HL Season 22 Silver - Seductive 9 (4-4) Sub Pyro
HL Season 23 Silver - Super handsome intelligent team (8-5) Sub Pyro
HL Season 24 Silver - Seductive 9 (0-0) Main Pyro

6's Season 22 Steel - The Hateocracy (5-2) Main Scout
6's Season 23 Steel - Turtel Sqaud (3-4) Sub Scout
6's Season 25 Silver - Pizza Department (5-3) Med Sub

4's Season 11 Steel - Med Took 150 (9-2) Main Pyro (2nd Place)
4's Season 12 Silver - 420 Hitler Bots (6-3) Sub Medic

Aliasing as ENDERcrafter907 the Gibus Pyro

ENDERcrafter907's Pubbers

Bilbo Swaggins : bruh u can use auto-blast and aimbot with pyro u know? (aimbot on the shotgun/flaregun, not the flamethrower)
Bilbo Swaggins : yes their's a hack called auto blast u know dumbass
Bilbo Swaggins : AUTO-BLAST m8
ENDERcrafter907 : bilbo i think you may be retarded
*DEAD* IceIceBaby : Auto-Blow
Bilbo Swaggins : ENDER i know u may be hacking

Brian : Take that cheating crap to a community server!
Brian : Freaking LEAVE! No one likes a god damn cheater!
Brian : I hate hacking scum like you.

DEAD* Cody : You're talking all this 'big' shit. I haven't even seen your score change from 45
ENDERcrafter907 : i havnt seen your score get out of the teens

Just a Medic : just because u have more (points) dosent mean ur soo good'
ENDERcrafter907 : dominations do
ENDERcrafter907 : oh look
ENDERcrafter907 : i have a domination
ENDERcrafter907 : on you

🎃Spoopy Bananas🎃 : ender actually has wallhacks
🎃Spoopy Bananas🎃 : i've come to a conclusion
🎃Spoopy Bananas🎃 : the peak of the human reaction time is 1.244 secopnds
🎃Spoopy Bananas🎃 : i went up the stairs and he airblasted my pill RIGHT as i fired it

*DEAD* G.E.W.P DaOneAndOnlySandvich : nice hacks
ENDERcrafter907 : How am i hacking
(Voice) Maroz: MEDIC!
*DEAD* G.E.W.P DaOneAndOnlySandvich : that extreme airblast
ENDERcrafter907 : lol ok

DEAD ICUP NIGGA : fck u endercraft fckng cunt
DEAD ICUP NIGGA : stf u btch
DEAD ICUP NIGGA : fckng asshole
ENDERcrafter907 : mad cuz bad
ICUP NIGGA left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* ADRIANOELDOGEkawaii : hacker pyro
*DEAD* ADRIANOELDOGEkawaii : fucking pyro
*DEAD* ADRIANOELDOGEkawaii : hacks
*DEAD* ADRIANOELDOGEkawaii : ahhaha hacker fuking hacker -_-

President Donald J. Trump : I saw that 180 spin
*DEAD* President Donald J. Trump : air blast scribt

TimedIntegral1: PS: If you do wanna call someone a noob, take off your Gibus first. ;)
TimedIntegral1: I know you only friended me to insult me, but if I enter a Costco, would you wuv meh? :3
scaryskull2005: still bad
TimedIntegral1: I know you probably still hate me (obviously) but at the same time I kinda maybe wanna be friends... -_-
TimedIntegral1: Don't judge me too harshly l right now
TimedIntegral1: I don't fucking know
TimedIntegral1: I am just not feeling so happy right now
TimedIntegral1: That's why I was so salty
TimedIntegral1: ...
(I bullied this kid so hard he wanted to be friends)

Servo's Kills

[OCG] Cyclops: Tom Toggle?
[OCG] Cyclops: It's okay I've met players like you. I know how you guys are. Just toggle and snapping to players behind you without knowing where they are.

*DEAD* Mr.Sm3x : tom servo is fishy as hell
Mr.Sm3x : tom are u a script kiddo

Ryutaa : Turn that aimbot on like your pal
Ryutaa : I have my squad here so easy win incoming
Ryutaa : Okay you proved your point can you stop being a nigger
Ryutaa left the game (Disconnect by user.)
[Ƨ9] Tom Servo defeated Ryutaa in a duel because Ryutaa left the game.

*DEAD* The Spy : Taunting after a kill, fag
(Voice) MukPile: Incoming
[Ƨ9] Tom Servo : mad cuz bad
The Spy left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Vintage the color purple : i am so terrified of the enemy pyro with the cuirassier hat that he turns me into a blubbering mess as soon as he enters my screen

*Killed Reflected Airshot Arrow*
*DEAD* Pooty : .3.
*DEAD* Pooty : how
*DEAD* Pooty : my god
Tom Servo : magic
*DEAD* Pooty : your a god
Pooty : teach me your way pyro

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I offer mentorship for any pyros looking to become a better comp pyro. Add me if you are interested

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Tom Servo Nov 13 @ 2:43pm 
I dominated you. I think I win
Billium Nov 12 @ 3:17pm 
I got that last kill on you while I was on a team by myself. And there is nothing you could have done about it.
Tom Servo Oct 26 @ 12:14pm 
ExSy Oct 26 @ 9:14am 
are you selling the Cloudy Moon Vintage Merryweather ? If yes I can do 58 in downgrades
robberman Oct 24 @ 7:22pm 
Added for a question about UGC
🡒♡🡐 Oct 21 @ 11:39am 
The update is here, it's your time to shine, my fellow pyro mains!